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“Fighting isn’t the answer, Y/N.”  Sam sighed, exasperated as he paced in front of your chair.  He’d been lecturing you for the past ten minutes, with Dean perched behind him on a stool giving you thumbs up the whole time.  He turned to Dean, frowning.  “You’re supposed to be backing me up here.”

“Oh come on, if it was warranted.”  Dean shrugged.  Sam groaned in disdain and hung his head before turning back to you.

“Don’t listen to him.  Fighting doesn’t solve anything.”

“It labels her as someone not to be messed with.  A badass!”



Celebrating Motherhood Every Day with Illustrations by Sora Ceballos-Lopez

To see more of Sora’s illustrations, follow @soraceballos on Instagram. Explore #MothersDay to see how families in our community are celebrating this year!

“Motherhood is by far the coolest thing I have done and do every day,” says Sora Ceballos-Lopez (@soraceballos) of raising her 10-year-old daughter, Gaby. “It is a complete surrender of love and an inexplicable combination of happiness, joy and fear.” While still pregnant, Sora began collecting mother-daughter themed figurines, dolls and artwork that inspired her to begin doodling — something she hadn’t done since high school. Now, Sora, who is from Medellín and lives in New Jersey, is nearly halfway through a New Year’s challenge to create an illustration celebrating motherhood each day: everything from moments of pride and fear to times that are simply silly.

#MothersDay this year is a particularly special occasion for Sora. Her own mother, who turns 75 this month, will be visiting from Colombia. “Call [your mother] every day,” she urges other moms, “thank her and tell her how much you understand her now.”


Brave - Merida and Elinor

Released in 2012 through Disney, and created by Pixar Animation, Brave is the tale of Merida, a princess in the Scottish Highlands who causes chaos when her refusal to marry ends up with her mother being turned into a Bear.  Merida must act to undo the curse before it is permanent, band in doing so becomes closer to her mother and vanquishes a great evil.