I Want My Daughters To Know That They Can Grow Up To Pursue Any Career I Force Them Into

My daughters are my pride and joy. I have been blessed with four beautiful girls, each of them immensely smart and talented, and as their father, the only thing I want for them is to be happy and successful. That’s why I want my daughters to know that when they grow up, they are free to pursue absolutely any career I force them into.

The world is changing, and women are at the forefront of that revolution. Fifty years ago, women were largely discouraged from being doctors and lawyers, but now the options for what career I can force on my daughters are wide open. I want my girls in jobs that will make them happy, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to railroad the lights of my life into those careers. My Jessica is in fifth grade, and I am actively encouraging her to explore every subject that fascinates her before I shuttle her off to medical school. Courtney has always been a bit of a free spirit, so I’ve already let her know that she can be any kind of geneticist she wants to be. Sophie’s math scores aren’t great, so she’s going to be a lawyer. For my girls, the only limits are the ones they set for themselves, plus the ones I set for them.

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