reasons to date me

•I’ll spend two hours at Walmart picking out the perfect gift for you and another two starring at it to make sure it’s really want you deserve
•I’ll say “That’s pretty neat” to almost anything you say
•I’ll say sorry more than I need to
•I’ll go to any movie with you
•I love every kind of music
• I’ll sit in silence
•I’ll talk a lot
•I’ll stay home and watch movies
•I’ll bring you snacks randomly
•I will cry when I can’t afford the right gift
•I’ll spend hours after I’m supposed to be asleep talking to you
•I won’t judge you and your shit
•I will talk to you about anything
•I’ll hold your hand and stare at the stars
•I’ll kiss your cheek a lot
•I laugh at my own jokes

Reasons not to date me
•I’ll constantly ask if you still like me
•I won’t ever ask you out first : tell you I love you first bc I don’t want to scare you off so that’s a thing you’d have to do

My Dear Future Girlfriend,

It is 2:07 pm here and I’m wondering if you’ve gotten any closer to me.
My muscles are tire and I want to be held. My hair is brushed and calling for sweet raking fingers.
My chapped lips rub together like twigs but they stay cold without the spark of your fire.
I want to look harder for you, I swear.
I’ve just gone looking before and gotten hurt. I need to be careful this time or I can catch flame and burn out this time.
So instead I wait for you and dream about what our life could be.
A cozy apartment with large open windows to let in the smell of the rain. Large sweaters wrapped around us that never stay on for long anyway.
Waking up in the dark in our soft bed to scoot back closer into your arms that wrap tighter around me.
Sleeping sighs and the smell of mint and hair on the pillow.

I imagine many things.
And they all begin with me and you.