reasons to date me 

  • i can make you food 
  • you can pick the movie we watch 
  • we can listen to your music in the car 
  • i’ll give you kisses 
  • cuddles 
  • i love dogs so if you have one don’t worry because i will love him/her 
  • you can touch my butt 
  • i’ll touch your butt 
  • i don’t hog the covers 
  • i don’t take up a lot of room in bed 
  • i can be funny 
  • i’m really nice 
  • please 
  • ???? 
There will come a day where you’ll regret everything you ever did. A moment of pure mourning for what could have been.
Baby, you’ll make a lot of mistakes but I sure as hell wasn’t one of them.
—  let go of the past