i just want somebody to...

-call me beautiful
-adore me
-never stop talking to me
-hold my hand
-go on dates with (or imagine dates)
-skype if we are long distance
-be my person
-kiss me
-hug me
-give me attention
-let me spoil them and love them
-not let me feel alone

I want a girlfriend so bad like damn girl let’s date and go on cute dates and hold hands and sleep in my queen bed until noon. Let’s get pancakes in the afternoon and ugh girls date me.

Pros of dating me

  • i’m p rad
  • i am the best cuddler
  • cudDLES
  • i will steal ur clothes but u can also steal mine
  • i’m funny sometimes
  • dad jokes
  • nobody likes me so nobody can steal me
  • i will make u food
  • i don’t smell
  • my hair is soft
  • i will kiss ur face
  • holDING HaNDS
  • i’m small so u can lift me
  • i will maybe sing to u
  • my face is ok
  • i will hug u so much
  • dating me means u aren’t single
  • i will do long distance and we can skype and watch netflix
  • i will text u
  • i will text u back


  • (i’m an introvert with social anxiety and depression so i have bad days but it’s ok i promise)