Date me?

If people think I’m writing about celebs in their real life, they’re clearly delusional and have no comprehension what a name claim and face claim are 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ever since I went to the bts concert I’ve had this weird crush on J-hope. There’s this energy around him in real life that makes it very difficult to look away from him.

Here’s all the fun new stuff coming to the dadrector’s cut!
  • PS4 bbs look out! Dream Daddy is coming your way!
  • New chat system to speaketh to your fellow dads (and daughter of course)
  • FUN NEW SIDEQUESTS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Replay mini-games without having to painstakingly replay the routes
    • I legit didn’t know we could play skeeball rip
  • Brand new mini-game
    • virtual treadmill?
  • The update is free for anyone who already owns the game

Although it isnt as soft sounding as I expected it to be, 0325 sounds amazing as hell.

The lyrics make mE FEEL SO EMOTIONAL.

“you who ‘STAY’ed with the young me makes me more special” that line struck my heart.

They love and care for STAYs so much ❤️. I absolutely love the bond between Stray Kids and their fandom! It’s so precious.

  • My Student showing me his new Stranger Things backpack with all the chibi characters on it: And this is Will and this is Steve, and this is Eggo-Eleven and oh, this is you!
  • Me, looking to where he points to their science teacher Mr. Clark and feeling my heart overflow with love: Y-yeah *sniff* I guess so. You know me so well.

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the stint is over so they stop hanging around each other so often, and rumor spreads that they've broken up. it doesn't help that they act like it, as baku flinches at the mention of todo and todo looks visibly saddened whenever baku is around. todo stares at baku from across the room often, looking forlorn on even the best of days. they avoid each other a lot, trying to get over a seemingly unrequited love. one night, shouto comes into the kitchen at night to find baku there. 1/2

2/2 he turns to leave but before he can make a quick escape back to his room, baku turns to see him standing in the doorway. “shouto… i mean. half n half. why are you here…?” the words are spoken soft and slow, and for the first time in a while, baku sounds like he’s unsure of himself. it’s uncharacteristic, and todo doesn’t know what to do. loud, prideful baku he can deal with. angry, confused baku he can handle. but a quiet and nervous baku is someone he hasn’t encountered before.

my heart can’t take this n i don’t wanna add to it bc its so sweet already but

todo manages to choke out that he was “there for a drink”. nodding once, bakugou gestures to the island for him to sit down. he complies as bakugou turns to the cupboards, making something that he can’t see. he finishes quickly, and slides a steaming mug across the counter. cradling it, he whispers his thanks and sips, even if only to prolong the inevitable.

the silence was thick between them, and todo could feel the weight of bakugou’s stare pressing on him. as a distraction, he asks “how did you know this was my favourite tea?” he can’t bring himself to make eye contact, not yet, he thought he was moving on from this-

“you told me. at the soba place you made me take you, as payment.” bakugou’s voice is still soft, but todo can hear the little smile in it. he wished he could see it, and he knows bakugou is backlit by the hazy moonlight. he would look ethereal, not that he doesn’t always, but he can’t keep hurting himself like this. “what, you think i wouldn’t remember? you take me for that much of an idiot, half n half?”

fuck. he’s fucked. he can’t do this, he can’t banter and pretend everything’s normal, he can’t stop the heat rising to his cheeks as he thinks about what it means for him to remember his favourite tea out of everything they spoke about (does that mean he cares?), and he definitely can’t act like he’s not absolutely in love with bakugou katsuki of all people.

“it’s not often that you prove me otherwise, katsuki.”