Date Night


3 Date Night Hairstyles

So, first of all, amazing night.

Second of all, good show.

Third, it would have been a GREAT show if there hadn’t been singing. I had no idea there’d be singing. It completely distracted from the orchestra. Granted, this was my fault for not thinking to check. I thought that the show was being put on as a show by the Phoenix Symphony. I didn’t realize that it was a tour of Disney in Concert, hosted by Phoenix. The singing was fantastic, that was not the problem at all. Just… Expectations, you know?

Fourth, I think they should have played the shooting star over the castle music to start it all off.

Fifth, the audience went nuts when the opening strains of Circle of Life started as the surprise encore.

Sixth, the symphony had one extended moment during So This Is Love from Cinderella, AND they did the entire fight scene from Sleeping Beauty. Both were incredible.