Dat Plot Twist

It’s so true though. Missy set Clara and the Doctor up together because she KNEW it would mess them both up. Clara has always been too much like the Doctor and the Doctor has always avoided traveling with companions that are  like him (the ‘One Psychopath Per TARDIS’ rule). He knows he needs people who make him better–who push him to be compassionate and brave and to be a DOCTOR. By the time he realized that Clara was too much like him, he was already in too deep. He nearly destroyed the web of time for her–and despite her meager protestations–she would have let him do it. Since she’s still not back on Gallifrey at the end of Hell Bent, I guess we can assume that the web of time is still not safe. Oh Doctor and Clara, what have you done?

Honestly I’m so impressed with the Master. I don’t think they’ve ever had such a diabolical and successful plot before. 

imagine giving michael the silent treatment and then he would lose his fucking mind so whenever you move he attaches his body to your leg and that makes you walk slowly since he put all his weight there and then you accidentally hit his balls with your foot while walking and then you’ll be forced to talk to him and he’ll rejoice in victory

nice going me

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HERROW~~~ ITS OPEN OMFG *cries in spanish* . I want to ask if there are any new good Powerbottom!Kyungsoo fic out there because I love them *^*. And also a little request. Some time ago I found this amazing fic but can't find it again. It was something about a mind palace and Kyungsoo being in a coma or something. Can u guyzzz help?? I live for this blog and keep up the hard work guys. Much luuuvs and Gays~~~

yaaaaas here you go cutie patootie (some are a bit older hope that’s okay!)

I believe this is what you’re talking about?: Common Ground

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Kill la Kill 18....

Watching at the beginning

Then this……

Then this…

Oh but ain’t all over till this happens..


Then it’s done….yep that was it…………….WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUUUU..

That’s it, I’ve been emotionally and mentally drained just by watching Kill la Kill, if you are not watching this anime then you are really making a huge mistake

Now for the eternal endless wait to the next Thursday….


Dat plot twist.

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# Living Together - The boys have to do the most perfect and biggest cleaning because Karl will visit them, but _________ :3 Love love love looove yoouu (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

(°o°;) Whew~ This  is  a  super old request! Sorry  it  took me awhile to get to it haha (;-◞౪◟-). It’s also been quite some time since I’ve done a Living Together! (*゚ー゚)ゞ Had to blank out a part of your ask Nonnie because I don’t wanna spoil! As always, things are chaotic and a lot of crazy stuff happens! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ Do enjoy~ 


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-Scene: Living Room-


Ayato: Why the hell did we all get called in here!? This better be important!

Laito: Yeah, I was in the middle of――

Shu: Stop there Laito… …

Yuma: Oi! Blind bat! Tell us why you gathered us up!

Reiji: “Blind bat”? The nicknames you people give me. Anyway, I have received a rather important letter. I’d like to share its contents with you.

Kou: A letter? Who would send us a letter? Ohh, it must be from Karl Heinz-sama!

Reiji: Correct.

Ruki: Hmph… …what does the letter say?

Reiji:  Apparently, he’s coming for a visit.

Azusa: Karl Heinz-sama… …is visiting us… …? That makes me happy. Heheh.

Subaru: Ah!? What could the old man be visiting for!?

Kanato: I’m feeling somewhat ill now… …

Ruki: Well, he did pay for this house, did he not? He’s welcomed to come here any time.

Shu: If that’s all it is, I could care less. I’m going back to sleep. *plops on couch*


Reiji: That’s not all. As you can tell, this house is rather *looks around*… …messy. We’ll need to clean it from top to bottom.

Ayato: Hah? It’s not like he’s going to come in every single room!

Ruki: You never know. He could be visiting for an inspection.

Reiji: Precisely. Now, you may split into teams of five. One group will do the general areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The other will clean the bedrooms.

Subaru: There’s no way in hell I’m cleaning just ‘cause he’s coming! *breaks the table*

Laito: Whew~ Subaru-kun. No need to get so angry.

Subaru: Fuck off.

Reiji: Sigh… …and there adds another thing that needs to be cleaned. If you’re only going to be making messes instead of cleaning, would you prefer to be locked up in the torture chamber until we finish? That goes for anyone unwilling to cooperate.

Subaru: Tch. Whatever.

Kanato: Let’s get this over with Teddy. What are the groups? Do we get to choose what we do this time?

Reiji: You may choose. Pick a group and start working.


Room Cleaning Team: Reiji, Laito, Subaru, Azusa, Yuma

General Area Cleaning Team: Ayato, Ruki, Kanato, Kou, Shu


-Scene Change: Hallway-


Reiji: As you four may know, my room is spic and span. There’s no need to clean it. Same goes for those few logical beings in this house.

Yuma: Kch. So which room are we gonna clean first?

Subaru: It doesn’t matter. Pick a damn room!

Laito: Let’s go in my room~ Fufu.

Azusa: Okay… …. *opens door*


-Scene Change: Laito’s Bedroom-


Yuma: What the hell do you do in here!?

Laito: Do you want to know? Fufu.

Azusa: … … … …

Subaru: You damn perve!

Reiji: Save it for another time. Shall we start?


*Meanwhile in the Kitchen*


Ruki: Oi! Don’t shove food down the drain!

Shu: Turn off that loud disposal… …

Ayato: This is the quickest way! Where else I’m I supposed to put it!?

Ruki: Hm, that’s a tough one. I don’t know, the garbage perhaps?

Kanato: You’re only making this harder for us Ayato!

Kou: Heheh, looks like someone needs to go in the torture chamber~

Ayato: Shut up and help me scrub these dishes!


*Back at Laito’s Bedroom*


Yuma: What is that? The second garbage bag we filled!?

Reiji: I need to cleanse myself after this, my oh my.

Subaru: Who the hell has this much stuff! And what’s with this toothbrush!?

Azusa: Shouldn’t that…. …be in the bathroom? Why is it in here? Do you make scrapes on yourself… ..? If you do, can you show me the wounds? I’d be very happy… …if you did.

Laito: Shh, it’s a secret~ Thanks for helping me clean up my room! There’s just that pile over there that Reiji-kun’’s going though and we’ll be done.

Reiji: Good gracious, I’m glad I put on gloves beforehand. *feels something move* Ah!? What is this!? 

Yuma: Is that a… …

Azusa: Something’s vibrating.

Subaru: Are you fucking serious!?

Laito: Fufu~

Reiji: And THIS is going in the trash!

Laito: What? Reiji-kun, no! I’ve never thrown away your things, have I?

Reiji: *gagging/shuddering* T-T-Take this away from me! Please!


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Season 5 you blow my mind.

That candy tonight looked like toffee. This A clue was déjà vu of the season 1 episode ending at the bank where A gets the same type of candy. I wish that its a hint towards Mona. That she is still alive and that’s why she would have her own clothes, all the evidence, her computer and the cleaning supplies. She staged and cleaned the crime scene and took all the evidence so she could control the outcome. That would be why she activated her laptop to alert the liars so they can begin to discover her secret. I’m wishing that A tonight was Mona.

And Hanna is f***ed.

Blonde girl? Who dat?

Plot twist: Hanna is A. Her motivation was Alison torturing her about her weight. She is crazy smart lately.