Drawings by Dasha Pliska

Dasha Pliska is an designer and illustrator from Odessa, Ukraine. She graduated from the Odessa International University of Humanities in Graphic Design. Because it is difficult to find more information about this artist, let the artworks speak for itself. Enjoy.

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Architecture Odessa is a series of illustrations by Ukranian artist Dasha Pliska that creatively combines architecture with human hands. Her drawings present an artistic view of hands cradling, carrying, resting on, and seemingly assembling old buildings found in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. There is a brilliant balance of realism and sketchbook etchings to the surreal images that makes them all the more appealing.

[Via Devid Sketchbook :: My Modern Metropolis]

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Dasha Pliska

Archetypical imagery are always accompany people, they are a source of mythology, religion, and art. In these cultural forms are gradually grinding confused and eerie images, they are transformed into symbols, more beautiful in form and universal in content. Mythology was the original way of handling archetypical characters. Archetypes - a kind of initial ideas about the world and life, which do not depend on the level of knowledge. Modern scientists also expressed the view that in our minds initially incorporated information as to facilitate decoding external messages. It is assumed that this information is coded and laid before birth. In support of this hypothesis comes from the fact that people of different social groups and ages similar archetypes are all the same. In this case, read the information contained in the archetype, is on a subconscious level, without logic.