At 9:00pm on Friday of DashCon 2014, hotel management gave con staff an ultimatum: raise $17,000 by 10:00pm, or the con gets shut down.

One incredible half-hour later, the staff announced that enough money had been raised. I just had to capture the energy and emotion in the room at that wonderful moment.

We are DashCon. We are tumblr. We are fandom. We are the champions, we will stand as one, and we will NOT be crushed.

Rules and Regulations- How to have a safe experience at Dashcon 2015!

Hey there! If you’re reading this, you’re most likely going to attend Dashcon 2015 in Florida this year! Great! 

Of course, it isn’t you whose attending this year either. Many people from many walks of life are attending, too! As such, we have to make this enjoyable for everyone. Read on for the rules and regulations

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  • DOUBLE the ball pits with one designated for piss
  • 5 WHOLE cardboard cutouts of famous actors, including british_guy_with_cheekbones.jpg, some extra from an episode of supernatural, and shreg the troll (low budget version of shrek)
  • panel discussing the correct pronunciation of gif
  • BDSM 102 (minors allowed apparently)
  • real-time 4chan raid
  • vaporwave version of the doctor who theme playing on repeat the entire con
  • picture of whoever in yahoo decided to buy tumblr looking disappointed in himself
  • and more scams YET TO BE ANNOUNCED