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  After Daryl calls for you one night, asking you to lay with him in his state of pain, things start to change between you and the redneck. With the ups and the downs, you and Daryl fight to remain together, to be there for each other.

This story follows Daryl and the gang as the seasons go, with a twist–you. Starting with season 2.

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Please? The Beginning - Mini Series

Think of this like the Star Wars movies, you can decide to read them in the order each series was released (Please? and then Please? The Beginning) or you can read The Beginning and continue on from there! The only difference between this series and the Star Wars series is that there is no machete order! :)Enjoy this mini series!

Part 1 | Part 2


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total fics: 98

One-shots (750+ words)

Daryl Dixon

  • Never forget- After a run gone wrong, you think back to all your memories with Daryl. The good and the bad.
  • Not the first- You’re Daryl girlfriend and were previously engaged before the apocalypse. On a run with Daryl you run into your ex-fiancé, Negan.
  • I’m Sorry- You and Daryl have recently broken up and it was messy. But when you get captured on a run with Maggie and Glenn and Daryl shows up to save you, true feelings are revealed. 
  • Come Down- You and Daryl get in a bad fight, and leaving seems like the best option.
  • Not Alone- After spending your life hiding your scars, you finally slip up.
  • Arsonist’s Lullaby- A song fic based off of “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier. You and Daryl are married. When you’re captured with Rick and the group by Negan, things get a little intense.
  • Woah- When you’re asked to dress up at the Alexandra Welcome party, the group is blown away with your looks. Daryl in particular. 
  • Extra Time- After being bitten, you ‘die’ in Daryl’s arms, only to wake up back in Alexandra.
  • No Good- AU- You and Daryl are engaged. But when Merle arrives back from jail, he tries to sabotage the relationship.
  • Run- After rescuing Daryl from the Sanctuary, you can’t help but stay by his side.
  • Shower- You’re the new girl at Alexandra and within a month, Daryl happens upon you naked.
  • Yawn- You feel like Daryl’s staring at you, but you can’t seem to catch him doing so. So you think of a plan.
  • Son In Law- Your dad, Negan, wasn’t present for your wedding with Daryl. When you reunite with him, he takes the opportunity to take you and Daryl home. Against your will. 
  • Sparkle- Theres a christmas party being thrown in your home, but the loud music is giving you a headache. Daryl suggests you go somewhere else, but before you do, he gives you a gift.
  • Mantra- Ever since Abraham and Glenn were killed, Daryl hasn’t been himself. When the two of you end up on a run alone, you decide to confront him about it.
  • Alive- Negan took you and Daryl hostage. But you as a wife, him as a prisoner. In an attempt to go see Daryl, you’re caught. And Negan’s not happy. 


  • Princess- After Negan finds you in a forest, he takes you back to his home, welcoming you to your new life.

Maggie Greene

  • Get Away- After the fall of the farm, you decide to confront Maggie about your feelings.

Carl Grimes

  • Not Ready- After Carl loses his eye, Denise banishes him to your room, and he doesn’t act to kindly to when you want to go out on a run.
  • Months- It’s months after the prison fell, and you’re still on your own. That is until the group happens upon your tracks. What happens when they see you’ve been bitten?
  • Insecure- Alexandria is a safe haven. You love it. But theres a girl your age who seems to be getting close to Carl and your adoptive parents, Glenn and Maggie. 

Rick Grimes

  • Hidden- Rick always loved your eyes, but what happens when you lose one– instead of Carl? 
  • Fate- You were picked in the lineup, but you wake up back at Alexandria with a scar.

Imagines (150-750 words)

Carl Grimes

  • Nightmares- Imagine Carl being there for you after a bad dream.
  • Memories- Imagine Carl comforting you after seeing your scars.
  • Accidental History- Imagine Carl teaching you how to use a gun, but something goes wrong– or right.
  • Locked Up- Imagine Carl locking you in the closet instead of Enid.
  • Pranks- Imagine getting in a prank war with Carl, but you can’t seem to fool him.
  • Slang- Imagine teaching Carl Australian slang.
  • Spanish- Imagine teaching Carl Spanish.
  • Cheer Up- Imagine helping Carl find hope.
  • Catch Me- Imagine playing tag with Carl.
  • Twelve- Imagine becoming Carl’s best friend.
  • Sleep- Imagine not being able to sleep.
  • Bone Crushing- Imagine being separated from the group, only to reunite at Alexandria.

Daryl Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Cornered- Prompt: “Will you hear me out?” + “Like hell I’m leaving you when you look at me like that.”
  • Saved- Imagine saving Daryl from a walker.
  • Daughter- Imagine adopting Sophia with Daryl.
  • Introduction- Imagine meeting Merle for the first time, and Daryl’s even more nervous than you.
  • Ring- Imagine waking up to your husband, Daryl.
  • Coconut- Imagine Daryl getting you extra inhalers. 
  • Rushing Waters- Imagine Daryl saving you from a rushing river.
  • Empty Glasses- Imagine winning a drinking game with Daryl. 
  • Trust- Imagine being an ex-savior, and only Daryl trusts you. 
  • Always- Imagine being injured on a run.
  • Baby Coos- Imagine walking in on Daryl holding Judith.
  • Spider- Imagine falling asleep on Daryl.
  • Easy- Imagine being blind.
  • Heaven- Imagine Daryl, your boyfriend, getting jealous.
  • Until Now- Imagine Daryl never realizing how he felt about you, until it was too late.
  • More- Imagine getting drunk with Daryl.
  • Contact- Imagine touching Daryl, which makes him flinch.
  • Rosy Cheeks- Imagine Daryl finding you as a walker.


  • Cough- Imagine being sick and Ezekiel takes care of you.
  • Friend- Imagine being close with Shiva.


  • Girlfriend- Imagine Henry, Benjamin’s brother, spilling that Benjamin has a crush on you.
  • I Promise- Imagine being hurt but having Benjamin at your side.

Norman Reedus

  • Heck- Prompt: “why the heck aren’t we making out?”
  • Giddy- Imagine being an actor on twd.


  • Passive Agressive- Imagine Negan getting jealous.
  • Warm- Imagine Negan carrying you to bed.
  • Together- Imagine being with Negan. (male!reader x negan)

Glenn Rhee

  • Breakfast- Imagine being caught about to have sex with your boyfriend, Glenn.
  • Before- Imagine reuniting with your fiancé, Glenn.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Rick Grimes

  • The Pact- Imagine Rick finding you as a walker.

Shane Walsh

Merle Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Closet- Imagine Merle being in the closet about his feelings for you. (male!reader x merle)
  • My Kid, My Girl- Imagine being pregnant with Merle’s baby.

Maggie Greene

  • Flu- Imagine Maggie comforting you while you’re sick.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

  • Bad Advice- Imagine Rick giving Jesus, the man who had a massive crush on you, bad advice in regards to swooning you 

Eugene Porter

  • Pants- Imagine forgetting that you’re only wearing Eugene’s shirt.
  • Baby- Imagine being pregnant with Eugene’s baby.


  • Second Home- Imagine visiting a Walking Dead panel after leaving the show.

Team Family

  • Gunshot- You take Daryl’s place as Dwight fires the gun.

Series (2+ parts)

Daryl Dixon

  • Perfect- When you begin growing close with the new, and very handsome, member of the group, Daryl doesn’t react kindly. After all, jealously never did love any favours.

“Perfect” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Regrets- In a faze, you sleep with someone at Alexandra. But what does it mean for your relationship with Daryl? 

“Regrets” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Her- There’s a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

“Her” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] *completed* 

  • Love- You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there? 

“Love” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] *in progress*

  • Ten Years- AU-You never expected to see a Dixon again. Now ten years later, at the reunion of the class of 86′, you see the last person you thought you would.

“Ten Years AU” parts- [1] *in progress*


  • Monster of Mine- Being Rick’s daughter, falling in love with Negan when he takes over Alexandria.

“Monster of Mine” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] *completed*


Please? Part 30

1588 Words

Please? Masterlist

The days became significantly chiller as they go on. Daryl, luckily, found another house that was full of clothes the owners must have left behind. He went in alone, scavenging for anything you three could use, while you and Beth stood watch, you with his knife and her with hers.

You were thankful he grabbed you a fairly thick looking jacket, regardless if it may be for a man, because it was warm and you weren’t shivering at night like he seemed to be, with the pretty thin jacket he found for himself.

No matter what, Beth tries to see the good in things, even in the funeral home, even after she injured her foot on the bear trap whilst learning to use Daryl’s crossbow. She always has something nice to say, something beautiful to say.

You admire her for it, for keeping a straight head on her shoulders, yet also naïve. You hope she’s smart enough to know not everything in this world can be viewed as a good thing, that not everything is something good.

At the funeral home, the three of you try to set up a place for the night. With Beth’s hurt ankle, it was hard to move swiftly through the trees as you have been. Daryl notices little things around the building, like the fully stocked kitchen, the too clean floors and mirrors. Someone was living here, may still be.

“Just take some of it.” Daryl says as he pulls out a few jars of peanut butter. “Leave the rest.”

He hands you one of the jars, a spark brought back to his eyes. He smiles, trying his best to make up for what happened back at that house several days ago, the one you told him to burn down. You didn’t want to see it, or another like it, ever again. Burning that place down seemed to burn Daryl’s walls right back down, opening him up to this new and improved Daryl, yet those words cross your mind every night.

Cautiously, you take the jar of peanut butter from him and look up, gazing into those blue eyes of his. “If only they had bread.” You swift your gaze into the pantry and notice they had no bread, none that you could see.

“Here!” Beth calls and pulls out a loaf from over the fridge. She grins, holding it up as if she just caught a catfish for a trophy. “Let’s feast.”

After eating a few sandwiches, you and Beth wander around the home. She finds a piano and sits down, her fingers flying across the keys and playing a song for you, mostly for her, singing with her angel-like voice.

“I always wanted to play.” You say, sliding your fingers down the wood surface. “But I never got around to it…”

“I can teach you.” Beth says, her fingers still grazing across each key perfectly. “Not that hard…”

Shaking your head, you smile and look over at her, how happy she looks right now. “I’ll let you have your thing. Daryl has tracking game and you have the piano.”

“What do you have?” Beth asks quietly, but you don’t answer and she knows better than to say anything. She continues to sing.

Daryl lays himself in one of the caskets, closing his eyes and listening to the sounds of Beth’s voice, hitting high notes and low. She sings different songs, yet keeps them all happy and slow. You were never one for the slow songs, but this is all you have, you’ll take it over the deafening silence created when you and Daryl are in a room together.

“Y/N.” He calls gently after Beth decides to take a little break. She gets up and limps herself down the hall to find a bathroom, claiming she doesn’t want to squat in the trees one more time as she goes.

You raise your head from the music sheet you were trying to read, with no such luck, and decide to listen to him for once, instead of shooting him down and walking off. It’s getting old, annoying you a little more than it was annoying him.

He motions with his fingers. “There’s room.” He says calmly, scooting over to leave enough room for you. You don’t take up too much, and it doesn’t look much smaller than the bed you two shared back at the prison.

“I’m okay over here, Daryl.” You say in a low voice.

Beth will be upset if she overheard you say that. She hates this gap that has been dropped between you two. For a few days, she assumed it was all her fault, which it wasn’t. She has tried leaving you two alone as much as possible since that night.

Daryl lifts his head. “Please…?” He asks in an almost whisper. “Y/N, please.”

“There’s no point in trying if you don’t feel anything.” You sigh.

Daryl sucks his bottom lip between his teeth and bites down. You can see the wheels turning in his mind, though shows no sign of actually speaking. You stand up and head for the door. If he isn’t going to speak, you don’t want to be in here.

“Wait.” Daryl sits up, his head poking out from the casket. You slow down, stop, and turn to face him. “I ain’t never… been in love… I don’t know how that shit works, but I wanna know. I wanna make you happy. I know you’re who I wan’.”

“And how many more times are we going to fight? How many more times are we going to have this same conversation?” You cross your arms over your chest and listen out for Beth’s footsteps.

“None.” Daryl takes in a shaky breath. “None, I promise. Please…”

You let your arms drop as the sound of her feet hitting the floor. “I need some time, Daryl. Just… give me some time to think. I don’t want to be rushed. Please.”


A lovely dinner was planned out by Daryl. He found candles and lit them around the kitchen, setting them up almost perfectly around the table. He insisted on carrying not only Beth into the room, but you as well. He promised you this wasn’t a way to rush you, this was a just something nice he knew he could do for the both of you, his girls, he called you two.

“This okay?” He asks, dipping a spoon into the jar of peanut butter.

“This is amazing.” Beth giggles and looks around. He’s set out food, even put them on plates and set up silverware like he thought they may be set up at a real dinner table. He seems proud of himself as he serves the two of you fresh, clean glasses of water.

“Daryl…” you look around at all the candles. They make light dance against the spoons and forks, causing you to smile.

“It’s nothin’.” Daryl smiles to himself, trying to hide his face and the blush that had creeped up on him, spreading from his neck to his cheeks.

That dinner was interrupted. No one saw it coming. All those walkers lined up at the front door, the sides of the house. Daryl hollers for you and Beth to make a run for it, grab whatever was on the table, and dash.

That part was very successful. Beth had a bag in her hands, you had your knife and a gun found on a dead walker. There were only a few bullets inside it, so they had to count. No aimless shooting or anything.

Outside, Beth trips and she cries out in pain, the shriek enough to bust your eardrums. You try your best to pick her up, but she’s too heavy for you. In the panic, you spot a walker in the distance. Of course, one would show up at a time like this.

“Daryl!” You call out, trying your best to help Beth up off the floor. She cries harder each time she’s moved and eventually, you stop, panting with your palms against your knees. Daryl will be out in a second, he’ll be able to lift her up, to carry her through the trees with you on his tail.

You hear footsteps and assume Daryl is behind you. With a sigh of relief, you stand up and turn around, ready to throw your arms around him and kiss him. Your hero. He will always be your hero, he will always be there for you, always.

A man grabs you around the waist, holding your arms down. Not Daryl. You can’t scream because he has one hand over your mouth. Beth. She’ll scream.

As the man pulls you along with him, you glance over and you see Beth. She’s being carried by another tall figure, a figure you did not know. Nobody said anything, they were both quiet, holding you and Beth tight.

They throw you two in a car. All that runs through your mind was that you shouldn’t have agreed to stay at the funeral home, that you shouldn’t have iced Daryl out like you did, that you shouldn’t have agreed that the prison was a safe place to stay.

You feel the car start moving beneath you, driving off fast into the night, Beth crying beside you. You yank yourself away from the man with the grip on you and throw yourself against her, holding her close to you.


He’s back there. He’s fighting off a dozen walkers by himself, unknowingly losing his two girls…

Love Part 6/?- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there?

Word count:

Warnings: swearing

 it’s been like a month since i posted part five and i left y’all hanging all this time, i’m evil

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read [part one], [part two], [part three][part four] and [part five] first!


“Wait, who’s going tomorrow?” You asked, making Daryl turn back around. He thought for a moment, then concluded.

“Just you, Michonne, I think Glenn and me.”

At the sound of his name, the newly wed man made his way through the prison’s halls till he was just a few feet away from you both. The polaroid camera in his hands was hanging by the strap, swinging gently in the air. As he saw the two of you talking, he smiled down at the camera.

“Think?” You asked, slightly smiling at the man in front of you. You both remained oblivious to Glenn’s sneaky movements as he steadied the camera. Daryl was a foot in front of you, slightly close for comfort, but you didn’t make a comment.

“Man said he might be–”

A bright flash erupted from the mechanism, a loud snap echoing through the air shortly after as the camera captured that moment between you two. You raised a hand, half expecting it to flash again. Instead, Glenn smirked down at the photo, holding his hand out as it slipped out of the camera.

“Glenn? What the–” He showed you the undeveloped photo, a large smile on his face. You and Daryl shared a quick glance before looking back at him, confused.

“What? We should have memories, shouldn’t we?”

“(Y/N),” Negan’s voice called from behind you. The sound drew you from your daydream, almost dropping the small photo in your hands. It had been torn slightly at the edges, a clear sign of being bent in the top right corner, but you loved it just as much.

“Hi, sorry, I was just…” You wandered off, stuffing the photo into your pocket quite roughly, “reminiscing.” Seeing the group had brought up new feelings. Though you’d always had your suspicions of Negan, they’d never been as intense as now. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to help them or let them suffer. Knowing they didn’t deserve it made the latter choice seem even more cold and unforgiving than it originally did.

Even if you wanted to help them, the second you left Negan’s side, he’d hunt you down and kill you.

Again, you were pulled back to reality as Negan sighed loudly, stretching slowly.

You hoped Negan hadn’t noticed your odd behaviour. But Negan wasn’t an idiot and you knew it was more than likely that he had.

“What you got there?” He asked, confirming your suspicions. You swallowed loudly, plastering on a fake smile.

“Oh, nothing really. Just a stupid memory.”

“Stupid?” Negan asked, sauntering closer to you. He stood a few inches from you, looking you straight in the eyes. He had to slightly look down, but the gesture was enough to intimidate you. “Can I see?”

You nodded softly, figuring that it would do nothing but bad to try and keep the photo from him. Slowly, trying to control the shaking in your hands, you moved to reach in your pocket, pulling out the photo and handing it to him. He smiled at you, then looked down.

Then his face fell before a sickening laugh escaped his lips. A new smile emerged, but this time it turned your stomach.

“Ain’t this the fucker we took?” He laughed, pointing to Daryl’s form. His words confused you, but you disregarded them for a second.

“That’s Daryl.” You answered, giving him an odd look. But Negan was too busy laughing at the photo to respond. He chose not to make a comment about how close you were, instead, he just passed the photo back.

“Yeah, Daryl– that’s his name. Shit, I keep forgetting that.” He exclaimed, chuckling to himself as he starting walking toward the window. “Daryl, Daryl, Daryl,” He muttered as if he was forcing himself to remember it.

Recalling what he’d say just moments prior, you question his words, “What do you mean you ‘took’ him?”

“Well, after you left, he fucking punched me, (Y/N). Do you know how big his balls must be? He’s saviour material.”

The sight of Daryl Dixon, the man you once loved– maybe still did– punching someone you’d been quite literally saved by, made you feel an emotion you couldn’t define.

“So you..?” You trailed off, waiting for him to fill in the blank. Anticipation filled your stomach, which already felt low.  

Negan shrugged, “Took him back here.”

Your mouth opened as if you were about to speak, but nothing came out. Instead, pure confusion laced your thoughts. A little bit of you was excited to see him nonetheless. Maybe you could clear the air between you too, finally. It would be awkward in the beginning, but things could work out… Maybe.

“Then,” You began, the smallest of smiles growing in the right corner of your lip, “Where is he? Can I talk to him?”

Negan laughed quite loudly at your question, making your smile disappear.

“What’s so funny?” You asked, somewhat defensively. This made Negan scoff. Again the confusion seeped into your mind.

“He’s in a fucking cell, (Y/N).” Negan shook his head, a distasteful look on his face. “You can’t see him till I’m done breaking the bastard.”

“Breaking him? What exactly are you doing to him?” You raised your voice, feeling your anger and concern overtake you. As you yelled at him, Negan’s expression changed significantly.

“You don’t mean to imply you actually fucking care about what happens to him, do you, (Y/N)?” The space between you both narrowed as he stepped toward you, a threatening look lingering in his eyes. Their intensity made you look down, eyes wandering the floorboards beneath you. “Did you not tell Rick and his little followers they deserved this shit?”

Negan’s words sunk into your skin at a mind-numbing pace, you knew there was more to the group than a leader and his followers– you knew they didn’t deserve the torture Negan was sure to induce, but your thoughts were still slightly clouded by the past.

The toes of his black boots were mere inches from your own. (Y/E/C) eyes wandered the ground, then squeezing shut as you responded.

“I never said that,” Though your jaw was clenched, you managed to spit out a few words. Finally, you opened your eyes, seeing a false smile plastered across Negan’s face.

“Be careful, (Y/N). We don’t want to,” He raised a hand, running it along the right side of your face, “hurt that pretty face of yours.”

It was silent as Negan’s smile fell, the look in his eyes replaced with one of calmness. You nodded, carefully. Negan removed his hand, now walking out of the room. The tension didn’t leave with him as you stood, now alone, contemplating your situation. As you were about to move again, Negan’s head popped back in. 

“Oh, one last thing.” He chuckled, “You’re coming with us to pick up half of our shit from Rick and his buddies.”

You nodded, mumbling “Ok,” before he disappeared again, this time his footsteps fading down the hallway.

Subconsciously, you wandered back to the photo he’d thrown across the room, kneeling down to pick it up. Instead of standing again, you sat down on the ground, feeling the material between your fingers– avoiding touching the actual picture.

You looked down to you and Daryl, a smile but sad smile gracing your lips at the memory. You were close then, you wished you still were now.

It was stupid to try and help, but deep down, you knew you never really blamed Rick for the prison’s fall or for leaving you behind. You never truly blamed Daryl either. You knew if they could’ve, they would’ve helped you. 

So you were going to help them, regardless of the consequences.

to be continued…

Holding onto Hope - Daryl Dixon PT.1

Summary: “The worlds went to shit but at least we have each other.” 

“At least we have each other.” 

Word Count: 1,018

A/N: This is my Daryl Dixon series, starting from season 1 episode 1 to whenever I decide to stop ;) hope you enjoy. Also, this is just the prologue so it’s gonna be shorter than the others. 

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All of You – Part 4 (I Love Her, Rick) – Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 5) (Part 6)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: Y/N convinces Daryl to let her come to Alexandria with him, after fighting with him. Makeup Smut ensues as she convinces him to take her along. They drive to Alexandria and meet Rosita and Rick, Rosita is pissed at Daryl, and Rick contemplates how to deal with the new situation. Daryl takes Y/N home. Smut AF. Post-Negan AU.


Originally posted by sail-not-drift

“But, I don’t understand! Why do you have to go?!” You shout to Daryl as he shoves a few shirts into a bag and searches his eyes around the room, zipping up the bag and throwing it over his shoulder.

He locked eyes with yours and his eyes dropped in sadness a moment before facing you again.

“I have to go, Y/N. They’re my friends… The only thing left I got in this world, besides you.” He gestured to you, his breath heavy as his heart pounded with nervous energy. 

He didn’t want to go, he wanted like hell to stay with you and spend his life wrapped in your kisses, but he owed Rick and everyone else so much more than that.

“I’ll come with you!” You say quickly as your stomach did flips at the thought of Daryl leaving you.

Daryl smiled softly at you at the thought, quickly shaking his head and his eyes turning sad again.

“Nah. I don’t want you out there.” He nodded outside the window, toward freedom.

You grit your teeth and glare at him, as he pulls a Negan and presupposes you can’t do whatever the fuck you want. You fold your arms and stare at him defiantly.

“Besides, I don’t know how Rick and everyone are gonna take you…” He says, staring at you biting his lip, hating having this conversation.

“What is that supposed to mean?” You snap angrily, shaking your body sassily about, with your arms still folding tightly around you.

Daryl’s eyes fall to the floor, staring harshly at it, “ You know, Y/N…” He says softly, not wanting to look you in the eye.

“What do I fucking know?” You push him, so mad that he was thinking of leaving you, after all you had been through.

Daryl’s eyes slowly reach yours and he looks back at you, clenching his jaw, “You know your fucking dad… Rick isn’t gonna like it one bit, Y/N! Not that it’s your fault, but you know how your father is! Can you blame him?” His voice got harder as he thought back to that fucking cell and to the night Negan claimed two of their lives, his anger and adrenaline starting to run through his veins.

“I am not my fucking father!” You shout back, pushing your arms down toward the ground, putting your hands into fists for emphasis.

He looked over at you his angry eyes, shifting slightly, “I know. Y/N.” He says softly, walking slowly toward you and placing his hand on your cheek.

You stare back at him still pissed, but your eyes softening at his touch, you lean up into his hand and stare into his eyes, yours turning soft and worried.

“I don’t want you to go…” You say, dropping your eyes to the floor.

He caresses his hand down to your chin and slowly pulls it up, forcing your eyes back to his, he sighs and smiles softly for a second before his eyes return your sadness, “I know. But I gotta, baby… I owe it to Rick. He’s always done right by me.” Daryl nodded, chewing his lip, trying to convince himself.

You nod dismally, before dropping your eyes again sadly.

“What are we gonna do, baby?” You ask him suddenly worried for your future, you two had been so busy loving each other you had put off the uncomfortable part of dealing with just what a shitty situation you were in.

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Please? Part 35

3083 Words

Please? Masterlist

Beth was buried by the flames of a burning fire. It was slow and it was painful, but you supposed everyone made it through. This isn’t how things were meant to happen; Beth wasn’t supposed to die. She should have been with you the day you and Noah escaped.

Almost everyone went in different directions, wanting some alone time in the woods You’re with Daryl. You pace around him, looking around for walkers as he digs in the dirt, thinking he’s just doing that to get his mind off things. When you look over at him, he has a worm in his hand. You cringe, remembering a bad childhood experience with a worm.

“Daryl!” You shriek when he throws his head up and pops the worm in his mouth. You wrinkle your nose up and close your eyes.

“I’m hungry.” Daryl grunts and throws his first into the dirt. None of you have had any food in a while, your stomach was surely growling at you, though you have grown so used to it, you didn’t know for sure. “It’s food.”

He continues to dig, throwing dirt over his shoulder and getting mud under his fingernails. You watch him hopelessly, wishing more than anything that you could help him.

Daryl finally gets up, following Maggie, who has shown up out of nowhere. She watches Daryl walk passed her before she follows, you heading behind Daryl. They’re taking it the hardest, they both needed Beth more than anyone.

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Holding onto Hope - Daryl Dixon PT.2

Word Count: 1,623 


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Chapter 2: Base Camp 

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A Simple Touch, pt. 1

Daryl Dixon x Reader

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Warning: //fluff//a little gore -it’s the Walking Dead guys..

A/N: Series commission for @rhyatt-deauxtreve - gonna be a four parter.

Summary: You are a friendly, loving member of the Alexandria community, a person who likes to give hugs and be affectionate. So it’s pretty ironic that the one person you want to be all those things to seems to be off limits - Daryl Dixon, a man of few words. Will a run for supplies finally give you the chance to get near the man or will things fizzle before they could even start?

Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Pt. 3  Pt. 4

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Please? - Part 29

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Over the next little bit, Daryl tries to fix up the house, hammering boards against the windows and making sure the door still locked. He was thorough with protecting you and Beth, which you are quite pleased about. He does still care to some extent.

“Who would live in a place like this…” Beth finally asks. She sat on the floor at some point and started to look through everything the owner left behind.

Daryl glances at her, hammer still in his hand. You watch him hold onto it, how tight his grip is. “My dad.” He grunts.

Beth bites her lip and looks down at a bra that appears to be an ashtray. “He bought things like this?”

Daryl nods. “Actually, yeah. He w’s an idiot. Grew up in a house just like this.” He goes on to explain that everything in here is here for a reason, like that ashtray, the rough looking chair, the hole in the wall. He seems almost happy talking about it, perhaps not happy, but it’s a childhood memory he can’t shake. Everyone has them.

“Sounds like you may need this.” Beth holds out the moonshine. “Join us?” She smiles sweetly, unblinking as she wiggles the bottle in Daryl’s face.

Not thinking this time, Daryl reaches out for the bottle and opens the top. He takes himself a long swig of it and swallows it all in one go. He drops the bottle on the ground, not breaking it, and wipes his mouth. “Might as well.” He shrugs and takes a seat in the recliner, crossing one leg over the other and grabbing another bottle of the moonshine.

He looks made for that chair, the way he sits down as if it’s his home. You wonder how long he had to live in a place like this, or if he lived in a house like this until the breakout. But again, you don’t ask what’s on your mind, you simply sit quietly and drink the burning liquid in the mason jar.

“Home sweet home…” Daryl grumbles.

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Negan imagines - The Blame Part 19

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AN: This episode had me bawling. Thanks for being so patient and waiting for this new part. 

Catch up here: (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)(Part 9)(Part 10)(Part 11)(Part 12)(Part 13)(Part 14)(Part 15)(Part 16)(Part 17)(Part 18)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Carl, your only brother, is gone. 

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,524

Warnings: It’s a very sad chapter. 

You looked away, running your hand over you face to gather some composure.

And then you walked.

“Where are you going?” Your dad chased after you.

“I can’t stay.” You admitted,

“You’re not going back?” Rick just stared at you in shock; you tried to ignore the hurt you saw in his eyes.

You didn’t answer.

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