Listen… If Scott Milhouse Gimple wanted to mess with us and troll, he could have done something way more subtle. He could have made sure Daryl’s flashes were more similar to Eugene’s and Rosita’s, by showing him thinking of various people and insinuating that he does not have a love interest. If Daryl had of thought of Rick (his “brother”) and Carol, that would have left things far more ambiguous. That would have been trolling.

But instead Daryl’s flashes were very reminiscent of Glenn’s and Rick’s and Michonne’s and Maggie’s. That was insinuating that he does indeed have a love interest – Carol – and that was not an accident. Gimple was in charge of what went into the trailer (hell with the quality of it he probably made it himself) he knew what he was doing when he made virtually all of Daryl’s flashes revolve around Carol. And by doing that, he did not make anything ambiguous. He made canon that Carol is so important to Daryl, and he loves her so much, that he uses his “dying” moments thinking about her. That’s not trolling, that is making a point.

Caryl drabble

She hadn’t meant to spy. It had just kind of…happened. She’d hurried down the hall toward the wash room, needing to get the clean dish rags so she could help with the dinner dishes, when she’d heard a muffled sound, and she stopped just shy of the laundry room.

“There you are,” a male voice murmured huskily, and she heard a small squeal from his lady-friend.

All went quiet, and she peeked around the corner, her eyes resting on the hunter–Darren? Derek? She couldn’t remember–and Carol embracing, his face buried in the side of her neck.

She felt her cheeks heat up, and she knew she should leave, but curiosity compelled her to stay. After all, hadn’t she been wishing Kevin, the boy who’d lived two doors down from her at Woodbury, would hold her just like that? She was 16, and all her friends, the ones from before anyway, had all had boyfriends and had at least gone to second base; she felt a little…foolish not having any idea what kissing a hot boy felt like. And here Angel Wings and Carol were, almost making out upon his return to the prison. Lucky her!

“Missed you,” he mumbled before he kissed her neck, and Carol’s eyes closed.

“You don’t have to now,” Carol breathed in response.

Something in Carol’s tone made her cheeks flame hotter, and she flattened herself against the wall out of sight. Her parents had never held each other like that, spoken in such intimate tones. She felt like an intruder on the lovebirds in the laundry room.

She heard heavy breathing–she couldn’t determine who it came from–and though she knew her friends would have watched from a discreet distance, she couldn’t. She liked Carol, and Angel Wings, hot as he was, had always treated them courteously. She didn’t want to pay them back for their generosity with disrespect.

She slipped away down the hall and out of earshot just as the moaning started.