TWD "Strangers" 502 - The One Where Daryl Tried To "Fix" Carol

The Carol and Daryl bond for me isn’t categorized as romantic (yet!) however I have considered them CANON in terms of being each other’s “person” and as characters that are not just the closest in the group but are a duo that know each other best. 

CARYL for me has significant number of layers when it comes to depth and complexity AND that’s the very reason I feel that their bond is not given proper justice when any “labeling”starts flying around. 

The romantic angle for CARYL is still being explored and while I obviously don’t think it’s CANON now (yet!) I believe that Season 5 has given Carylers some telling signs that Carol and Daryl certainly could be headed in that direction. 

What made this season 5 different? 

The short answer to this is because Daryl Dixon himself was different and because his motivation for being different was intimately tied to Carol’s return and his own desire to help Carol find her way again. 

It should however be noted that the show itself set off a chain of events back in Season 4 that more or less forced a change in the nature of this relationship and thereby caused the CARYL bond to evolve and grow to a whole new level. To progress and bind them even closer together than before. 

It wasnt just the separation and the reunion that caused their relationship to re-calibrate, the events that followed and the writers deliberate decision to not just create elements of new “common pain” for them to share but to also to re-visit their own characters journeys all the way back to the past that tethered them together. 

The CARYL stakes really, had never been higher! 

 As beautiful and breathtakingly unexpected the CARYL reunion was, it was the second episode “Strangers” that provided ample evidence and CANON scenes to show that there really was a shift happening between them. 

We were so used to seeing Carol being the one reaching out and supporting Daryl, that when we saw HIM echo the moments she used to bestow upon HIM, our senses become hyper-aware of every which way he tried to be there for HER. 

Everything about their relationship had started to look gloriously mutual. 

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Round Two

Exhausted, Daryl rolled off of her. He let out a deep breath when his head hit the pillow next to her as he stared at the ceiling.

“That was… wow.” Carol exhaled and looked at him, smiling. The man next to her eyed her for a moment, puzzled, before he decided to reply.

“But ya.. ya didn’t..” despite everything that happened just a few minutes ago, his cheeks blushed in a deep red, “I ruined it.”

“Why would you think that?”

“It was over too soon. I- I- … and ya- ya didn’t.. fuck, I’m sorry.”

“Daryl-”, she started but, was interrupted by him.

“No! I mean, I was so excited to be with ya.. and the first thing I do is blow my load like a damn highschool kid.” He looked away then, too ashamed to see her watching him like that, “It wasn’t even good for ya, wasn’t it?”

Carol sighed and shifted on her side, while Daryl still lay on his back, his head turned to face the other side of the bed.

“It was good,” Daryl snorted, “It was. Yes, I had no orgasm, I didn’t expect to have one.”

Now Daryl turned his head to look at her, “Ya expected that I’d suck?”

“No. That’s not what I meant. Will you just listen for a second without interrupting me?” She reached out to stroke his chest and then kissed his nose, “Will you?”

Daryl nodded, determined to keep his mouth shut until she finished. That was the least he could do after being such a failure in bed. Shit, she probably wouldn’t want his ass near her bed again, despite what she would tell him now. It’s not that you fucked up, Daryl, I just don’t want to have sex with you again. Ever.

“Stop that!” Carol insisted.


“What you told yourself just a second ago. It was written all over your face.”

They fell silent and the only thing that they could hear was the slow breathing of both of them.

“It was wonderful. Just being with you,” she smiled empathetically as Daryl watched her. She could see fear in his eyes and the last thing she would want him to think was, that she didn’t like it, “Just being with you.. feeling you move inside me was amazing.”

Both blushed as she said the last few words, they avoided to look at each other until Carol reached for his hand and took it into her own.

“As for the orgasm: I never had one during sex. Ed, he never paid so much attention to me when all he wanted was getting himself off.”

His face got darker as she mentioned her sick bastard of an ex-husband. Fucking Ed.

“Though, watching you having an orgasm was pretty erotic,” she teased, “This might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Daryl hid his face in his hands feeling ashamed, while Carol chuckled at the adorable sight of him.

“I was really excited myself, you know?” His hands sunk a few inches down his face so he could peek at her. “Women do have fears, too. The same the men have.”

“So ya also worry that ya might come too soon?” This got him a playfully smack on his chest and a giggle from her, which caused him to smile on his own.

“You’re not ruining anything just because you’re having an orgasm earlier than me. As long as you care for me and don’t just use me.”

“I’d never do that!” He piped in.

“I know, Pookie. Sex doesn’t have to be hours long. It happens,” she rolled onto her back, her head still turned in Daryl’s direction, “And who said that we can’t go for a round two?”

So she wasn’t disappointed in him? She wanted to do it again? With him? His heart started to race at this thought. She wasn’t disgusted with him and he was definitively going to make the next time as pleasant as he could for her.

“Okay, but if.. it happens again? I wanna make ya feel good, too.”

“Round three?”, she giggled.

Daryl furrowed his brow, “I’m serious here.”

“Me too,” Carol snorted, “Daryl, you don’t only have your penis. You can also use your hands to make me feel good.”

“Or,” she went deep red in an instant, “you can use your tongue - if you want.”

This made him raise his head in interest. Oh wow. He hadn’t thought that she would consider him doing this to her. That was hot.

“You’re sure?” She nodded, smiling with flushed cheeks. He hovered over her at the speed of light. Nudging her legs apart with his thighs, while kissing her. When he was seated above her he laughed and Carol sucked his neck as she felt him hard against her.

“Guess it ain’t completely bad, being a highschooler,” he joked.

“It will be better this time,” she promised and opened her legs wider to give him more room.

“Don’t say that. I couldn’t even go for a minute last time and it felt incredible. I’m trying to hold out for a little longer this time.”

“We can always go for another round.” Carol giggled again as she let her hands glide over his muscular back, feeling the sad reminders of his past under her fingertips.

“I’ll get back to this later.”

She laughed, “Oh, I hope so.”

Daryl smirked as he pulled the blanket over them, “Ya can bet on it.”

TWD "Strangers" 502 - The One Where Daryl Tried To "Fix" Carol - "Safe and Alive"

“He’s, I mean he’s always protected her, he’s always had a soft spot for her and he’s always looked after her…he will do anything to keep her alive and keep her safe so it’s a very close bond with those two.” (Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus was absolutely not kidding around when he reminded fans during his Goldderby EMMY Chat Interview, that Daryl Dixon was most looking forward to a reunion with Carol Peletier and his rather emotionally deep proclamation that Daryl would be doing just about anything possible to keep her with him after the fact, pulled at the hearstrings of even the most cynical shippers in our midst AND ultimately turned out to be a genuine CARYL sentiment , felt throughout most of Season 5. 

The first indication that Daryl’s relationship with Carol was changed and deeply affected by the separation and the events governing them, came through almost immediately, as the mere sight of her in those Terminus woods sent Daryl reeling with relief and joyful tears, scrambling to engulf HER into the safety of HIS embrace as fast as possible. 

For a few moments the only thing that mattered and existed for HIM was HER. 

The practical physical and emotional implications of Norman’s interview where he point blank said that Daryl "will do anything to keep her (Carol) alive and keep her safe”, manifested their truth early on as well or more accurately at the very beginning of the episode “Strangers”, immediately after the reunion. 

Scene 1 

At the very beginning of the episode we see Daryl assume his protector role right away and the first walker he kills to protect someone is the one advancing towards Carol, while she’s busy killing one herself. 

The action in the scene is not portrayed as a “damsel in distress" situation but more of a team effort - both the group as “a unIt” and CARYL as a separate “paired up” duo. There is a powerful sense of balance and an almost rehearsed sense of fluid effortlessness as they “team up” with their kills BUT the action flow still makes it quite obvious that Daryl is the one instinctively shielding Carol away from danger. 

Even as Rick questions Father Gabriel, Daryl kept both his arm and a bolt strategically propped against the rock, in front of Carol, almost without thinking about it or even meaning to. 

Subconsciously in his mind Carol is HIS to protect AND having just found each other HE will do whatever it takes to keep HER there, with HIM…trying! 

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