The Walking Dead: Daryl & Carol (xXx) SEX-Y TIME PT.4 (GIF ADDITION)


update on my mom watching twd for the first time. she’s at  season 4 episode 2

she knows carol and daryl like each other she just doesn’t “ship it” yet. like, she ships glenn and maggie cuz their cute as hell interactions but she’s getting there for caryl (giving it time).

her favorite characters are daryl and michonne (duh). she has noticed rick  softening to michonne and i can feel it, she gonna ship it HARD soon.

oh and she hates the governor and disliked andrea (almost as much as me lol)

she also likes sasha (mainly because sonequa was on OUAT) SO IM A HAPPY DAUGHTER

(also, she’s talking zombies a lot SO THE INFECTION OF THIS SHOW HAS SPREAD)

"You need to resign yourself to the awkwardness of life. Only if you find peace within yourself, will you find true connection with others."

This quote reminds me so much of Daryl. Finding peace within himself and connecting to Team Family has been a struggle for Daryl since S1, but he’s made leaps and bounds and formed solid friendships as the seasons have progressed, none more so than with Carol. What he hasn’t had is a romantic relationship, but hopefully all that will begin to change in episode 10. Norman has always portrayed Daryl as being somewhat asexual and feral and even though he’s flirted with Carol and shown her affection that shows an obvious interest, he has never made any attempts to further their relationship into romantic territory. So, as we think about the spoilers and wonder how their time in the creepy house will play out, I’m finding myself more and more intrigued by the possibility of Daryl sharing intimacy with Carol. The questions I’ve always had about Daryl are the questions I’m still pondering today. Has he ever kissed anyone in a romantic way? Was he ever intimate with a woman? These questions will probably never be addressed, but I’m inclined to believe that anything he might have shared with a woman never went beyond a cold and empty encounter. Growing up in a violent home and living in Merle’s shadow only perpetuated Daryl’s lonely existence and stunted his growth socially. Daryl never had anyone show him how to love or respect a woman. Daryl never had anyone show him how to love or respect himself. But as his lonely existence continued into the darkness of the zombie apocalypse, Daryl found Carol and his life began to have meaning. He found purpose. For the first time in his life, he cared about someone more than himself and he would go to the ends of the earth for her. So, as Daryl heals from losing family members and with the final words from Denise in his head, I think Daryl will finally be ready to tackle the awkwardness of life and take that first step towards a romance with Carol. I’m here for it. Every bit of it. All the awkwardness. All the nervousness. All the excitement. All the wonder of Daryl experiencing true love for the very first time. It will be nothing short of beautiful.

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Lone Wolf 2.0 (Part Nine)

Pairing: ReaderXDaryl (The Walking Dead)

Prompt: When you break Daryl and his brother Meryl out of the town, you all go back to the car only to have a choice be made that changes everyone, especially you.

Note to Reader!: Sorry about this one being late, homework overwhelmed me tonight and I couldn’t get to writing another part. Back on the normal schedule tomorrow!!

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Schedule (Subject to Change): Monday (6pm), Tuesday (6pm), Wednesday (6pm), Thursday (6pm), Friday (6pm), Saturday (6pm and 6:30pm)

Written By: Claire

“I’m going in for him.” you spoke suddenly. Rick, Maggie, Michonne, who had returned back on the outside bloodied and exhausted, and Glen looked at you confused. It had been almost an hour since the gunfire had stopped and everything had calmed and there had been no sign of Daryl. You all sat behind the safety of the same car you, Rick, Michonne, Oscar, and Daryl had been behind only a few hours prior.

“What do you mean?” Rick asked, watching you as you stood up and picked up your M24, adjusting the strap slightly and checking the ammo in your pistol.

“I’m not about to leave him.” you said in a quiet voice, swinging your gun over your shoulder and looking up at the barriers, guardless for once in probably months. Now was most likely the only chance you had to get into the town without causing another scene. “I’ll go in by myself if i have to, but I’m not leaving him.”

You looked around at everyone, hesitating on their faces for a second each. Each one of them had a different expression. Michonne’s face was flat and stern like always, Glen was looking at you like you were insane. Maggie had an ever so slight smile on her face as if she expected you to say or do something like this. And then there was Rick. His face told you what he was about to say before he even said it. 

“Ok, but you’re not going in by yourself.” his gravely voice spoke, standing up and gently grabbing your arm to emphasize his statement. You nodded your head. 

It only took about 5 minutes from making the choice to go in and save Daryl to actually firing your first shot. You found a spot on top of one of the buses where you set up the M24. You looked through your scope and saw all the towns people circled around two people fighting. It only took you a second to realize that one of the persons was Daryl. The other man who shared a slight facial similarity to him you assumed was Meryl. You then saw a man bringing a walker into the make-shift arena, a long pole around its neck. It wasn’t long until more walkers entered the area. You had your first target. You looked at Rick who was several yards to your left and he nodded, signifying you could make the shot, which you did. You pulled down hard on the trigger and released a round, it entering the walkers head perfectly and causing everyone to go into a panic. Maggie threw smoke bombs into the crowds while you started aiming at lights, shattering the bulbs one after another until the dim fire light was the only light source in the area. Once the lights were gone it was dark enough for Daryl to make the escape without any shadows being casted giving away his location. Rick shined his flashlight, signaling for Daryl to come. However it wasn’t just Daryl coming, it appeared as if Meryl would be joining the small group as well. Once they were out of the mess of people you stood up and threw your gun over your shoulder, jumping down from the bus to reconnect with them. You took out your small pistol and shot at a few walkers while Rick held the piece of heavy sheet metal open for everyone.

“Come on we gotta go.” Rick said as soon as everyone was through.

“Good to see your sorry ass again.” you said to Daryl, absorbing all his features back into your brain before taking off after Rick towards the safety. Although the situation was tense something about Daryl being right behind you again calmed you. 

It took until the break of dawn for the walk back to the cars where Glen and Michonne sat patiently waiting for everyone’s return.

Your body was exhausted and the pain from your gunshot wound was now searing. The adrenaline had run out and your body was making sure you knew that. All you wanted to do was sleep and the only thing keeping you going was the car ride back, your own little dream heaven awaited. However, the moment Michonne and Glen saw Meryl in the small group that emerged from the woods as day broke they both pulled their weapons on him.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Glen shouted, his loaded gun shaky in his hand but still aimed at Meryl.

“He tried to kill me.” Michonne yelled, her sword drawn.

“Drop it guys, this won’t get us anywhere.” you said, raising your own gun to Michonne. All you wanted was sleep. 

“Well sweet ass got a gun.” Meryl chuckled, the comment directed at you who stood in front of him. You could feel his eyes going up and down your body sending shivers down your spine. You had no clue why you were protecting him right now. What was keeping you from turning your own gun on the man? After all according to everything you had heard he was scum. 

“Shut up.” Daryl muttered to his brother, not liking that comment or the fact that he too could tell Meryl had had his eyes glued to you since all of you escaped the town. 

“What? Does little bro not like my comment about that fine piece of ass standing in front of me?” Meryl chuckled, enjoying the fact that he was getting under Daryl’s skin.

“Shut the fuck up Meryl.” Daryl warned, glancing back at his brother with a serious look in his eyes.

“What the hell were you even doing in Woodbury?” Maggie asked. She had been the only person to not pull out a weapon. All she had done was move out of the line of fire and found her spot next to Glen. 

“Working for that psycho governor.” Daryl muttered angrily, letting his crossbow fall to his side and turning to look at Meryl. Now that Daryl had relaxed everyone else did too. You let your own weapon fall to your side and watched as everyone else did the same. 

“Why yes, that guy sure is a charmer, he’s been putting that wood to your girl Andrea.” he spoke, his comment directed at Michonne, who had finally re-sheathed her sword. 

“Andrea’s in Woodbury?” Glen asked. Everyone nodded. It was one of the very minimal things discussed on the walk back to the cars.

“We need to go and get back to the prison.” Rick interrupted. “So everyone just calm down. (Y/N), Daryl, Glen, Maggie, can I talk to you for a moment?” he asked. However it wasn’t really a question as he simply turned and walked towards the car, not waiting for an answer. Not like anyone dared to say no that is.

“(Y/N), what a pretty name.” Meryl chuckled as you followed Rick towards the car. You shuttered once again at the comment. Even just hearing your name coming from his mouth gave you a sick feeling.

“Listen, we can’t bring Meryl back into the prison, it won’t work.” Rick said after everyone was next to the car.

“The governors probably on the way to the prison right now, Meryl knows how he thinks plus we could use the muscle.” Daryl defended desperately. You watched in silence as the conversation unfolded. In all truth you felt like you didn’t belong in this conversation. Whatever happened between the group and Meryl was before you even knew they existed, you had no opinion in the matter. All you had heard were stories about the man and whose to say how exaggerated those had been.  

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“There’s no way we can bring Meryl into the mix without having everyone at each other’s throats, it just can’t work.” Rick spoke, once again restating his stance on the situation.

“So what? Meryl can’t come but Michonne can?” you asked, finally putting in a two cents. You didn’t want to take a side, perhaps you were even playing the devil’s advocate, but you couldn’t help saying the obvious argument. 

“She’s not coming home with use either.” Rick spoke in a calm voice.

“She’s not in the right state to be on her own.” Maggie defended. This was also true, Michonne was on edge and irrational, the last thing someone should be during a time like this. 

“Listen Meryl’s blood, he belong with us.” Daryl spoke up.

“No Meryl’s your blood, my blood is standing right here and waiting for us back at the prison and you’re part of that family too, but he’s not.” Glen spoke, bringing his voice down low as if he was saying a secret. “Do you really want Meryl sleeping in the same cell block as Maggie, Carol, Beth, hell even (Y/N)? What if he does something Daryl? It wouldn’t be out of character for him.”

You all stood in silence for several moments, most of the eyes landing on Daryl but your own eyes glued to the ground. You didn’t like being used as a debate topic, even though Glen did bring up a good point.  

“Fine, then we’ll fend for ourselves, no him no me.” Daryl spoke firmly, making up his mind. Your eyes snapped up to Daryl, his words hitting you like a punch in the face. “It was always Meryl and I before this.” he spoke.

“You can’t be serious right now.” Glen said, his own voice filled with disbelief.

“You can’t leave.” you said, your voice cracking slightly as you felt it closing up. Were you really about to cry? You felt your eyes dampen but fought it and stayed strong. Daryl only glanced at you for a second before looking back at everyone else. 

“I’m sorry, he’s family, I can’t just leave him.” Daryl spoke, his voice catching in his throat slightly. He had noticed the tears in your eyes, you could tell.

“Please.” you said again, your voice trailing off. However there was no use pleading. Daryl just pushed past you towards Meryl, leaving you to stand in silence with Glen and Maggie in disbelief on either side of you.

Rick followed Daryl as he walked, their conversation about lord knows what only coming across as mumbles to you.

“(Y/N).” you heard Maggie say gently. “Are you okay?” you stood in silence for a moment watching as Daryl walked away before responding to the question.

“I’m fine.” your voice choked before you made your way over to the car door and got into the back seat. All you wanted to do was sleep.


then I look at you,
and the world’s alright with me.

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These Scars, Chapter Sixteen

Renée stuffed a few of her clothes into her backpack, the weather had turned colder now so she was now donning a jacket on top of her tank top, with khaki jeans on her bottom half. She looked around at her and Daryl’s room, sitting on their bed and sighed. She knew she would be back but she hated the fact that the governor, who had caused her so much pain already, was still after them after everything that had happened.

She thought of Daryl and how she comforted him in his time of ultimate sadness, he was still in that state even now, a few days after. He barely spoke, he didn’t cry anymore, but he just dealt with it in silence. She swung her backpack on her back and left the cell, leaving it in a way that they had all packed up and left.

As she walked outside, she found the rest of the group packing up the cars; her eyes scanned around and she saw that Daryl and Carol were talking to one another, he blew smoke out his mouth as his head hung low. For a moment, he looked up at her and caught her gaze, but Renée quickly turned away, throwing her backpack into the back of the car and helping the others.

“She’s distant” Carol noted, Daryl hummed in response, taking another drag from his cigarette, “Surely you’ve noticed”

“Yeah” is all he replied with, he didn’t look at Carol.

“I understand, Daryl, better than anyone. But don’t push her away…” Daryl noticeably tensed up, “…she’s all you have left”

And she walked away leaving Daryl with a blank look; after a moment, he walked up flicking his cigarette away and slid in next to Renée in the car. When he looked over at her, she was looking out the window, leaning on her arm.

It was very clear she was avoiding Daryl’s gaze, but in reality, she just wanted to give him time.


Staring out the window, Renée’s eyes felt heavier with the soft rocking of the car and the bumpy road. As her eyes slowly closed, she forgot about the world around her.

In her bedroom, she curled up on her bed and cried. Her sheets were smelly and dirty, having not been washed in many months; her floor was covered in food that she had taken from the fridge without permission when she was hungry. Even the clothes on her own back, were dirty, neglected and torn with a huge stain on the back where her father would discipline her with his belt.


Her parents were at it again; their arguments were ugly and terrifying; fuelled by their drugs. Ever since her little brother suddenly died they have never taken care of her or themselves, sinking further and further into a white, powdery, powerful abyss of abuse. She heard their screaming from downstairs and listened from her room; they were arguing about the baby again, the baby they lost.


She heard the breaking of bottles and the rattling of thrown furniture so carefully she tiptoed out her room and down the messy stairs to peek at their argument again. She saw her father first, he used to wear collared shirts and a tie, but now he wears dirty polo shirts with blood-spattered jeans, never without a bottle of something in his hand.


He had messy dark hair was tousled as he screamed at the woman in front of him, as she peeked around further she saw her mother. Who was once very beautiful, kind and calm, with her dark ginger hair that would cascade past her breasts with a vibrant curl throughout them. But now, her skin was pale and discoloured, her green eyes sunken in and her hair tied up messily behind her head. She was ordering her father to give her bottle back, as he had caught her drinking his share earlier.


She saw the fresh injection marks on her father’s discoloured arms and she could see the fire in her mother’s face from the cocaine. She was afraid, so for a moment she stepped away, hoping they would not see her. Her face was covered in enough bruises already and her back still hurt from the daily beltings. But when she heard them hitting each other, she swallowed her fear and ran straight for her mother, who was hitting her father.


She pulled at her mother’s arm, but instead of receiving a worried look from the mother, she turned and slapped the child away,


“Get away from me, bitch!” she cried at the small child who was holding her cheek and backing away. The father smiled at the child, as if receiving a horrible though,


“Oh Renée…do we have to do this again…” he muttered, sliding off his belt already with a wicked grin on his face,


“No, Daddy. I’m sorry!” she quickly said, still holding her face. The mother flicked the cigarette she had been smoking in little Renée’s direction, causing it to land right next to her. She cowered further into the corner, as her father stepped towards the frightened child,


“You little ungrateful bitch, after all we do for you…you’re the reason all this shit fucking happened!” With the last word, he threw the almost full bottle of whiskey towards Renée. It ignited her whole body in a fiery ball of light, therefore spreading up the walls and engulfing the whole house in a matter of seconds.


“Mummy!!” she cried and her mother looked on, not doing anything as her child’s skin began to burn away. She and her husband evacuated outside as the fire bathed the whole house and was still burning all over her little body, now passed out on the floor. But her eye’s remained open, the image of fire burned into her vision for the rest of her life. A fear of fire controlling her life since that moment.



Suddenly, with a short intake of breath, Renée shot up awake in her seat. Alerting the rest of the group who was in the car with her, especially Daryl; she wasn’t crying but her eyes spoke of a horrible experience, she didn’t even have to say anything.

She sighed, asking herself why she was still being plagued with memories of her past; she forced herself to not look over at Daryl, but she knew he was looking at her.

“I’m fine” she muttered, before looking out the window again, feeling the heavy gaze that Daryl was giving her.

(Time skip)

The governor has supposedly been and gone, shooting up Woodbury in the process it seemed. So understandably, the residents were afraid and had nowhere to go, many of them had been shot, so there weren’t that many to begin with. Renée watched from afar as they all entered the prison, seeing how scared they were she scoffed and kept well away. They didn’t know what the real world was like.

Daryl, without looking at her, sat beside Renée, watching the frightened people too. He sighed, but she made no effort to try and speak with him,

“What happened back there?” he asked, Renée bit her lip and lowered her head, so her hair was covering her face. She shook her head, making her curly brunette hair swish,

“Nothing, really…” she lied, knowing that Daryl wouldn’t back down. He shifted further towards her, surprising Renée by tucking her hair behind her ear; she looked towards Daryl with worried eyes,

“Hey…ya ain’t gotta lie to me” he said in his normal, low voice. She smiled a little and looked straight into Daryl’s eyes, seeing how genuine he was being; his hand still lingered on her face and unexpectedly he leaned in and grazed his lips against hers, sharing a soft kiss. He pulled away, smiled and walked away; leaving Renée with a soft smile on her features.