Never mind the “Who shot first?” stuff; THIS is the defining moment of the Han Solo character:

Everyone else was just like: “Oh, fuck: It’s Vader!” and standing around in shock and terror when Vader was revealed. Even Chewie.

Most people, I suspect, would have that reaction. 

Meanwhile, Han’s first reaction, instinctively, in less than a second, was to grab a gun and try to flat-out end the guy.

He failed, of course. But God Damn if you can’t appreciate the effort. 


Creator: “"anakin didn’t have a good childhood”“

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Ahsoka’s journey into Vader’s Underworld

So many thoughts about the gorgeous and haunting Vader and Ahsoka cards, I hardly know where to begin

The first thing that stands out to me about this sequence of images – regardless of the specific order in which they are meant to occur – is that they highly reminiscent of the episode of TCW in which Anakin and the Wolffe battalion chase the cloaked Ahsoka through the Coruscant Underworld. In that ep, Ahsoka travels through the sewers …and here, she is likewise shown wading through some kind of underworld river, guided by the Convor. I always found that whole scenario always more than a little evocative of Little Red Riding Hood – and here, the visuals even more obviously so. I mean, there are actual wolves in that last piece…what more do you want! 

If I hadn’t already been flailing around like deranged lunatic, I would be now. Because, ahhhhh ….  JUST LOOK AT THIS:

I keep saying that Ahsoka is the only one (at this point) who could break into Anakin/Vader’s prisonthe only one who could fit inside the cracks in his armour. And, well…holy shit. Here is Ahsoka, INSIDE the crack she made in his mask.

At the end of TotA, there is that brief but tantalizing glimpse of Ahsoka moving toward the darkened portal. Here, that same view of her is superimposed upon Vader’s visage, making it seem as though she is walking into his helmet. Almost as though this descent into the Underworld is, on some level, a journey through Vader’s mind.

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From humorous vines to lovely DIYs, I have search far and wide for the greatest video on the holy land for video: Youtube. If you are like me, you find enjoyment in the beauty that is Star Wars, the most iconic film franchise of all time. The odds of finding a video that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Star Wars and the reason for its universal love is incredibly slim, however, today I have had the blessing to view such an edit that will make any fan of Star Wars (or anybody for that matter) cry. Behold, The Complete Star Wars Saga Trailer, my favourite video on the internet.