The happy, happy anniversary vol. 2

When I wrote my previous anniversary post (x) which anon ask in Michelle’s Tumblr was perhaps referring to (x), I did weighed different options regarding the potential anniversary of Chris and Darren. Below are insights into my thoughts on the matter. Excuse me for my obnoxiousness, I’m feeling rebellious today.

Based on my theory of their relationship timeline, I ruled out some options:

- Private relationship anniversary – unlikely: I believe that they would have started privately dating somewhere between Oct 2010 – Mar 2011, perhaps further narrowing down to Dec 2010 – Jan 2011. No real, single proof, but rather a belief based on many small tidbits.

- First kiss anniversary – not possible: Darren and Chris shared their first kiss at the latest in mid-February when filming The Original Song. Chris did mention kissing boys in school uniforms off-set in Dec 2010, but this could have been a joke (or a hint to Darren what was on his mind).

- First “time” anniversary – possible, but perhaps unlikely: Even with the playfulness in the tour 2011, I believe things happened earlier. When they filmed Original Song in mid-February, they kissed perhaps around 30 times (if filmed 16 takes with two kisses each). You have seen the kisses. It would have been tough to wait for more things after kissing like that (a friendly reminder above) for four months until June. Besides, would you celebrate such anniversary?

- Semipublic relationship anniversary – possible, but perhaps unlikely: The summer tour had taken Darren and Chris near Chicago in beginning of June 2011. Darren has a lot of friends there, so he could have introduced Chris to them as his bf for the first time making it more public within their social circles. However, I think this might be a bit unlikely. The boy was crazy in love and in frequent contact with his friends, so he would have told them and/or others earlier.

I’m leaning towards a theory that the possible Darren and Chris anniversary would be related to something that happened later in their relationship (after 2011). Interestingly, something that seems to coincide with this date is the “confirmation” date. On June 12, 2013, both Darren and Chris became public with their relationships. The day was clearly difficult, painful (x). No reason to celebrate that day in later years, unless…

The fact that both of them confirmed their relationships with other people on the same day suggests that it was a mutual decision planned together earlier. It probably weighed heavier on Darren because 1) in a way, he felt partially responsible for getting them in that situation (guilt, anger, frustration) and 2) Chris would do things with his fake bf in public that Darren would have wanted to (jealousy, frustration). Chris would have no doubt been aware of Darren’s feelings and it would have pained him greatly to see Darren shattered like that. I would not be surprised if this would have led to deepening the commitment a couple of days before the confirmation day.

Engagement would definitely be a big reason for celebration in future years. By June 2013, they would have been together for two years and the relationship was intensely close because of spending a lot of time together. Additionally, the commitment around the confirmation day could have been their way of promising each other that regardless of the craziness nothing will stop them from loving each other and nothing will tear them apart. I would be willing to accept this as not unlikely possibility (but not really likely possibility due to lack of evidence).

I would have been fully sold on this theory if the ring Darren wore for a couple days this week would have made it’s first appearance around June 2013 or the following months. However, after quick research, I found that the ring has been with him at least since September 2012. Interestingly, it was identified as Black Tungsten Ring or Wedding Band (x). Of course, it could have been given with special meaning on June 2012, but timeline wise it would perhaps been a bit early for engagement ring.


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