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Do you mind doing some father daughter headcanons for Mccree, Soldier 76 and Reaper. (Preferably if the daughter is the eldest and the only girl)

I sure can darlin’ ! (☞゚∀゚)☞ I had a lot of fun writing this too. Bless your soul anon <3


  • Teach her some basic techniques with a gun. But he would tell them to never touch a gun unless they have to.
  • Smother his daughter with fatherly affection and pout if he sees his daughter spending more time with her friends than her own dad (sorry Pops!
  • If he sees his daughter spending time with guys he will act like his cool self but his eyes will glint a look that says “touch-my-daughter-and-I-will-beat-the-crap-outta-ya” 
  • Overall very protective and always wants his daughter to tell him that is going on through her mind.
  • The dad that everyone loves

Solider 76:

  • Solider 76 would be the strict and kinda quiet dad
  • If his daughter asks him to tell him stories from his missions he won’t be super vocal about it. He doesn’t want to relive those memories. But he will tell her funny stories about his team members during Overwatch’s golden age
  • Teach her some basic martial arts and fill her phone will contact information of every Overwatch member if she were to face an emergency.
  • This guy would do ANYTHING to see his daughter safe and happy because she means the world to him and cannot bear the thought of having his daughter harmed.
  • Would definitely be that father who would wake her up early in the morning just to workout with him. he feels it is important that she is in tip top shape.
  • Always worrying when he is away from his daughter.


  • Reaper would have the title of the most over protective dad on the planet
  • Would 100% teach her his native language and his traditions
  • Not too keen on the idea of having his only daughter having to protect herself if something goes wrong, but he will do so because who knows if someone goes after his daughter instead of him
  • He would teach his daughter how to use a gun 
  • Totally that dad who would call or text message her every hour to check up on her.
  • he might seem like a man incapable to showing happiness or love, but damn does he love his daughter to the moon and back.
  • Will not tell his daughter about the missions he goes on or recall the past.
  • The two of them would bond through watching dramas.
  • Doesn’t like ANYONE going near his daughter but tries to calm down because he knows that this would happen and needs to stop being so clingy over his daughter.

~Mod Rose

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No. 6 Mchanzo please.

Its 5am so I’m writing this purely off the top of my head.

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass

“Do you ever wonder why we’re here?”

Hanzo scoffs quietly, not taking his eyes off the sky. “Are you trying to be deep, Jesse?” 

The cowboy makes a displeased noise and the grass rustles as he shifts to get more comfortable. “I’m serious , darlin’.” He insists, and Hanzo can already see the pout forming on his lips. “Like, I look at everythin’ above us… around us… it feels too beautiful to be just coincidental.”

“… What are you insinuating, Jesse?”

McCree takes a sharp intake of air. “So do you ever wonder. If you, me, us meeting, us getting’ together was all like, planned out or somethin’?”

The Japanese man suddenly tenses at that idea and McCree realises too late what else he implied, sitting up quite suddenly and glancing over at his partner.

“Hanzo, darlin’, shit, I never meant to imply THAT was some predestined mumbo jumbo…” The topic of Genji, and what Hanzo DID to his younger brother, still runs deep and painfully in the archer’s soul. 

“Then what ARE you trying to say?” Hanzo snaps angrily, eyes closing in anger (not to hide the tears, never that). 

McCree hopelessly looks at his hands, clenching and unclenching them before he turns back to the stars above. “… I’m just… I feel… drawn to you. Like… we were supposed to…”

His voice dies and there is a passing silence between the two, the only sounds are of the night letting itself known before Hanzo hesitantly opens his eyes and looks at the cowboy, who is simply sitting there, eyes still up above, as if looking among the abyss of darkness and stars to find the words he was trying to say.

Hanzo sighs and pushes himself up before he grabs McCree by the chin and, before the cowboy can react, kisses him hard. 

McCree makes a surprised noise against his mouth but Hanzo only kisses harder in response before pulling back just as suddenly, only just, his lips almost painfully grazing McCree’s. “I won’t be a plaything of fate.” He whisper sharply and the cowboy feels his heart drop. 

But then there is a pained sigh from the Japanese man’s lips. “But… I do feel as if… maybe… our meeting… was fate. Something the Gods or Spirits let me have to let me forgive myself for…” He presses his forehead against McCree’s, eyes closed again because looking into those beautiful brown eyes would just be too much for the archer. “For what I did to my brother.” 

McCree gives a quiet hum, hand reaching up to smooth a strand of hair behind Hanzo’s ear. “M’sorry, darlin’.” He tries. “For what I… implied. I just…”

“I love you too, Jesse.”

And before McCree can give his answer again, Hanzo is kissing him like he’s all that’s left in the world. 

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I just realized I have no idea what Riarkle's otp tags are.. like lucaya has "I want Maya to be happy" what are Riarkle's?


+ “i love you farkle”/“and i love you” (gm texas pt 3)
+ “as much as always” (gm rah rah)
+ “i think we should have some faith in our riley” (gm sneak attack)
+ “i want you happy” (gm i think sneak attack)
+ “fineh” (gm new years)
+ “you will come back to me after the war, won’t ya darlin’” (gm rileytown)
+ “you know me very well” (gm farkle’s choice)
+ “you get me” (gm yearbook)
+ “i knew you would say that” (gm permanent record)

i’m gonna stop im getting carried away but yes

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Originally posted by jacksepticeyegifs


The second time this had happened, the churring thing, you weren’t with him.  He was on his bed relaxing after a training session, completely wiped, so it didn’t take him long to doze off. But it also didn’t take long for the dreams to come to him; suddenly there you were, in a white dress, your beautiful smile wide and happy, leading him deeper into the misty forest that surrounded him.  You had your hand in his, leading him deeper into the green until he found himself staring down at you; you leaned in and…

He woke up to a rather odd noise; it wasn’t coming from outside his room or anywhere around him, rather than he was making it himself!  This was the second time he had done this churring thing and it made him redder than a tomato!  He sits up abruptly and rubs his face with his hands and starts talking to himself.

“What the hell am I doing?!”

Nothing he does helps him get you off his mind, and he’ll catch him making that same noise often.  It was gonna be a long day.


He was playing basketball in a small area they have in the lair, Mikey was with him.  He had only one thing on his mind and that was to get the damn ball in the hoop; or at least until Mikey mentioned your name.

“I wonder if (y/n) has made—”

Raph’s heartbeat quickened and his pace became slower; images of you instantly flooded his mind and his pace became even slower.  The ball missed the hoop, and he NEVER misses.  Then that damn noise came from his throat, and Mikey heard it loud and clear.

“Was that you?” he said.

Raph was quick to defend himself.  “NO!”

Mikey knew what the sound was meant for.

“What'cha thinkin’ ‘bout bruh?”


Then a cheeky grin made it’s way onto Mikey’s face.

“Or should I ask, WHO are you thinking about?”



You were with him when it happened again.   You were sitting beside him on a stool and watched as he messed with one of his small little gadgets, focus intense and barely talking; then he felt your arms wrap around his bicep, and your head rest on his shoulder.  Immediately your scent, your perfume, your lotion, all in one fill his nose and he can’t help but feel his chest tighten up from how good you smell.  His whole body tenses, and as he feared would happen,
that same noise as last time eminated from his throat, and he immediately began to burn at his cheeks.  

You noticed how stiff he had gotten.

“You ok?” you ask, and he gives you a quick nod before setting his tools down.

“Y-yeah… I-I’m gonna go grab a snack, ok?”

He’s quick to leave; he doesn’t get a snack, he paces back and forth for a good five minutes before coming back to you.  He stuffs a poptart in his mouth, hoping that it will distract him from how delicious you smell.


He was sitting on the pizza box couch they made playing a racing game, and he was quite into it.  Tilting his controller, sticking out his tongue and moving as if it would help control his vehicle.  Then you suddenly came up behind him, placed your hands on his shoulders and bent down the kiss his on the cheek.  He immediately stopped and dropped the controller in his lap, his car crashing into a sidewall and going into 7th place.  His cheeks began to flush and his body tensed, your scent getting to him; he always loved your surprise kisses.

“Love you,” you say soothingly.  He smiled sheepishly and watches you walk off to talk with Splinter or do whatever.  It was then that sound emitted from him again, and it came out of nowhere and surprised him.  You heard it from way over where you were.

“Was that you?” you say.

“Umm… my stomach!  I’m…hungry.”

“But you ate like ten minutes ago.”

“Apparently it wasn’t enough…”

He then scrambles out of the room to get some air because WOW… looking at you makes it hard for him to breathe.

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Ok but McCree walking in on his s/o listening to country music and theY JUST SLAM THEIR HAND DOWN ONTO WHATEVER IS PLAYING IT AND GIVE HIM THE MOST CLEAR "don't you DARE tell anyone" FACE

- McCree would just be standing there, not being able to help the corners of his lips turning into a smile even though he is trying so hard not to

- he would just be smiling like such a dork and start laughing and say that he can’t believe they have been hiding them liking country music from him!

- would come on over and struggle with them to turn it back on and would take their hands and start to dance, smiling and laughing trying to get them to lighten up

- “oh come on Darlin’ just dance with me~ it’s the least you could do for hiding this from me!” And it would be more of them kind of just slow dancing and smiling while he laughs and makes jokes trying to get them to smile and enjoy it

- he definitely would tell mercy and all his other friends and tell them not to tell his s/o and someone would defiantly tell the s/o

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You are seriously so pretty! What is your makeup routine?

Thank you darlin’! I try to keep my makeup routine sweet and simple. An important note: the key to any makeup routine is how you take care of your skin! I use the Proactiv+ 3-step system morning and night, and that has made all the difference in my skin. I apply the Thayers witch hazel toner right after I pat my skin dry or a homemade toner (equal parts chamomile tea + apple cider vinegar and a few drops of lavender essential oil) using an exfoliating cotton pad. I recently started using Nip + Fab’s glycolic fix overnight purifying gel in an effort to fade some of the hyperpigmentation from previous acne. I’ve dealt with stubborn acne for quite a while, so I can empathize with those of you who wear makeup primarily to cover the evidence of breakouts. 

After I finish my morning skincare, I use a damp beauty blender to apply a thin layer or two of L’oreal true match lumi foundation. I’ve invested in several high-end foundations over the years (e.g. Nars, Urban Decay, Cover Fx, etc.) and the L’oreal brand is honestly just as good! I like that it has a dewy finish because I feel that it looks more natural. I apply a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than my skin tone underneath my eyes in an inverted triangle shape and dab it on the high points of my face (e.g. bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow) to brighten up my face. I swirl a powder brush in Physician’s Formula mineral glow pearls to lightly set the foundation and concealer. It has a little shimmer, which I like because again, I’m all about that dewy finish. I then use a spoolie to comb my eyebrows upwards, and use an angled eyeliner brush to lightly (and I mean lightly) fill them in with some medium to dark brown eyeshadow – before I move on to my eyes, I set them with the Maybelline brow mascara. I usually use a shimmery champagne eyeshadow on my eyelids, my brow bone, the tip of my nose, my cupid’s bow, and above the apples of my cheeks as a highlight. My favorite part is curling my lashes, because whether or not you choose to swipe on a coat or two of mascara, it instantly lifts your eyes! I love love the L’oreal voluminous butterfly mascara – it separates and lengthens the lashes without clumping. To create the illusion that I’m wearing eyeliner on my top waterline, I use a mascara with a thicker formula only at the roots of my lashes – Neutrogena healthy lengths is perfect for this. Most days I just wear lip balm, but this morning I opted for a crimson shade of Rimmel lipstick. My patho exam this morning called for a little extra effort, I think!

Let me know if this is helpful, or if you would like me to post a video tutorial! I’ve always wanted to film one tbh…



“Scotty, why did Spock only show up? Where is Leonard?” You asked, worriedly, running your fingers through your hair.

Just as you were about to ask more questions, Leonard is standing in front of you, his fists up.

“Oh thank God.” You sighed in relief, hugging Leonard tightly, “I thought I lost you.”

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, darlin’” He smirked, hugging you back and kissing you on the forehead.

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Well good darlin, I'm glad! Makes me glad I'm in Central Florida.. Women have a little lower standards for looks compared to most south Florida women. 😂

So you think all women in South Florida are superficial? It’s pretty degrading to say that you are glad you live in an area that women have lower standards. But, you know, you do you. 

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You've been one of my favorite stoner/photographers for as long as I can remember! I appreciate your pictures so much! I hope you never quit doing what you love 💚

Thank you kindly darlin 🙏❤️
I appreciate the good vibes 🙌

I met Guy-Man first, through an ad, you know … In a record shop there was a little piece of paper and it was Guy-Man who wanted to form a band and he was very - uh … weird. Haha … he was like a sociopath. [awkward chuckling] He looked like freaked-out Jesus. Yeah, very fem-body … very … greasy hair.
—  Laurent Brancowitz of Phoenix (Former member of Darlin’ speaking on a BBC Radio interview of Daft Punk)