Topi’s Daily Card #539:  Skullclamp

When they were first making equipment, WotC was still working out the kinks of how to cost things.  Skullclamp is possibly one of the most broken equipments ever printed, and it was a last minute change that made this card broken in half.  The story’s been told here and there, but it’s basically summed up in that someone in WotC thought it was a good idea to push some of the new equipment in power, and an equipment that cost 3 to cast, gave +1/+2, and had the draw two on death trigger, with an equip cost of 2, became what you see above.  The card is essentially pay one mana, and draw two cards at sorcery speed.  That’s insane.  You’ll see this card most often in creature token decks, turning saprolings, rats, soldiers, anything 1/1 into two new cards for as little mana investment as possible.  This card is a priority to get rid of if your opponent has it, and something you need to protect on your side of the battlefield.  The person who can draw the most cards normally has a huge advantage, and Skullclamp helps you get that advantage very easily.


Jaw Grinder - I didn’t drawn her enough, was a character I have to present for a contest, but I liked the design and wanted keep it for me. She’s a mute primitive femme predacon, unable to speak and seldom she transforms into her robot form, just when is needed. Weakpurr didn’t finds out she’s a female for a long time, convinced she was a male (due because she stays in her beast mode most of the time and she transforms very rare times), was treat like one, JG seemed to not care, her behaviours are shy and calm, but beastly/brutish and less civilized. For a long time I shipped her with Skylynx (because, he’s chubby cute fella) and I’d keep shipping and she’ll show some interests for him orz.

skylynx, darksteel © hasbro/transformers prime

Jawgrinder, weakpurr and art © yedgart

Rockroller © kaitlinsparklingplace