kurt cobain in his suicide note wrote, “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” and the more i think about it, the more it strikes me. would you rather slowly lose your light? like you’re the night sky slowly losing its darkness as the morning comes around for the sun to steal away all of your brightness or would you rather be a wild fire taking over the forest and slowly being put out?
—  to burn or fade away
it’s less about becoming the hero and more about the saving. see, i don’t care if i have to be the villain to get you away from that ledge. all i care about is that you’re breathing, that you made it to bed, that you didn’t crash your goddamn car even though you never pay attention to the road because you’ve never been able to hold still and your hands often find themselves off the wheel and over your ears. the sound of tires screeching makes your ears ring. the sound of you telling me you wanted to die, sounds just the same.
—  i know you hate me but don’t forgot who calmed you down months ago when your lips could not stop trembling and your eyes could not stop flooding.

Be careful with a poet
We’re kind not foolish
We’re loving & lusting
Careful but dangerous
We’re poets & once you lose our words
Don’t blame us
We give a different kind of heart
But once you break it
We’re savages for a time
Slowly breaking
Into something more beautiful
& Evolving our rhymes
But be careful with a poet
We have too many sides