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I'm literally baffled at how people are trying to call you light skinned like ????? You've blatantly got quite a dark and beautiful skin tone and people won't accept that because of what?? They're own opinions?? Literally it's such cruel irony that first you're too dark and now you're too light. Honestly you're perfect and gorgeous don't let them get you down with their stupidity

the thing is none of them r from the fucking middle east and every time someone bothers me with this shit theyre americans aka comparatively privileged as fuck compared to me n they think lightskin vs darkskin american stuff somehow is relevant to people like me who live in Bahrain like… No. literally no form of discrimination ive ever experienced was as severe as the colourism i experienced. no one wanted to even be friends with me, my teachers would literally belittle me and put me down, i grew up watching ads telling me i need lighter skin, people would physically abuse me daily and put me down daily and i knew it was bc of my skin, i grew up hyperaware that i was “too” DARK to be good. any form of light skin privilege is something i have not experienced for as long as i can remember and it pisses me off how when i accept that im dark and will always be dark and i don’t need to constantly worry about the sun and my skin colour and that my skin colour is fine regardless of what ppl say (which… is shit ppl still say???? a few people this year told me I’m too “pigmented” and they need to give me skin bleaching products but ykno whatsver!!!) people decide to suddenly tell me all my experiences are a lie and that i dunno what it’s like, like…. Fuck off mate. UGH. sorry i ranted there but this kind of bollocks pisses me off especially considering the bullshit i grew up experiencing for my skin colour

Im tired of skinny white boys being the only gay couples in anything, like give me some black boys in love, give me trans boys of colour holding hands, give me dark skinned asian boys in love, give me some chubby boys holding hands, give me gay relationships where the boys have something other than a chiseled face and clear skin, give me gay relationships with boys who have acne and freckles and stretch marks, give me something else than skinny white boys making out shirtless p l e a s e


Paule Ouedraogo