Dark things

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Anansi

When she speaks, the whole room stills. Words spill from her lips, as powerful as a spell, utterly captivating and impossible not to consume. Her stories are elaborate, if uttered by anyone else they would surely cause scoffs, but everyone peers at her with wide eyes and parted mouths. They are wrapped in her web, an intricate design of threads made from lies and truths weaved together so well that nobody can tell one from the other. She beckons listeners closer, fingers thin and not unlike the legs of an arachnid.

My previously adopted goth pony now has a new friend in Peppy Skull, adopted from xdreamyadopts!

Her original description says “Peppy has always been somewhat odd growing up. She has always liked cute and somewhat dark things (often mixed together) which has caused her to be teased a lot. She didn’t care what they though and just kept smiling and living the way she wanted.” What a cutie! Perhaps her affection for scary cute things is what drew her to her new friend?

Of course, this now means that the other OC is definitely overdue a name. The only problem is choosing one.


today I confirmed my suspicions that I’d look good in winged eyeliner

I’m gonna be mad when I show up and there’s somebody there inside of my bed sleeping with you.

Sublime With Rome


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Lmao at the whole "Latinas are dark" thing. My grandma was born and raised in Costa Rica and she has light skin, blond hair, and green eyes. Same with my mom. I have dark hair, but that's from the Italian/Irish side of my family, not the Latina side. Like, people have literally told me I can't be Costa Rican because I'm "white as hell". It's dumb as fuck. Like nope since my skin's pasty I automatically am just another dumb whitey being a cultural appropriator. (Sarcasm)

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Ari Ari what's your favourite OUAT moment?

probably when snow white had a one night stand with dr frankenstein. or when robin hood knocked up the wicked witch of the west. or when peter pan turned out to be rumplestiltskin’s father. or when maleficent fucked a dragon and had a baby but now can’t remember exactly which dragon she fucked. maybe when emma spent a year dating the wizard of oz who was also a flying monkey. there’s too much gold for me to pick (like, actual gold, not rumplestiltskin). 

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This is a super unpopular opinion, but like I don't care if we save Rachel Amber. Don't get me wrong, I was hoping the entire way that she was still alive. I feel like her death is a key part in getting Mr. Jefferson killed or arrested or whatever the developers might have planned for him. I think it was important to have Rachel dead. Without it we would never know about all the other photos. It was Chloe's persistance to find Rachel that led us to who hurt Kate and finding the dark room.

Everyone has their own opinion,but I think you’re right in this. Rachel’s death is extremely important in the game and without it we wouldn’t have any clue at all about the dark room and other things. But like i said before,everyone has their own opinion, I,for example,think that Rachel won’t be saved and she will only appear in a vision that Max has.

Still,this is very interesting! ^^

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Last chance to wear my summery birthday dress! #gpoy

Edit: Dammit, window behind me making things all dark! Looked better on my phone. Hate when that happens!

Alright since Zacharie trusts y’all enough, ze wanted me to draw what zir face looks like under zir mask(s)!! Isn’t ze adorable?? 3X3c

And no, ze isn’t blind, but zir eyes are sensitive to bright lights, which is why the dark shadow-y things are around zir eyes!! It’s kind of like why football players and baseball players put those black marks on their cheeks; it helps reflect bright lights away from their eyes, and that’s what the shadow-y stuff around Zacharie’s eyes do!! 0u0

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