Dark things

I wish I can just sit down with someone and tell them my whole life story. they don’t even gotta say one word. They don’t even gotta comfort me when i breakdown, I just want someone to listen, to what I have to say about my own experiences and what I’ve been through and even the good things. But you can’t trust no one now a days. Cause next thing you know, words get twisted, story’s get told and the things you say will be held against you. Smh I just wanna let everything out, I got so much to say, and no one to tell it to.


My favourite season and holiday is on it’s way!!


I always used to have the mind set that everyone dies, and everyone leaves this world a different way.
Its just that my way of dying was going to be suicide.

BRO-THINGS #4: That one time the Paladins went to visit Earth… and Kuro got Lance a kitty.

But Kuro has no idea what terran cats look like… so he grabbed the first animal he met and thought fit Lance’s describtion (”smol, fluffy and super cute”).

And that’s how they got a baby skunk as a team mascot.

They called her Empress.


Tom Hiddleston lifting Ladies not so gently with only one arm