Dark hetalia

Before everything heres a tiny comic page for a new (yes i know) prucan au!!:D

Gilbert is a traveller whose horse has an accident during a storm. he then find a old castle/manor and lead his poor horse to the dry empty stables. 

Once he enter the manor he will meet with a beautiful young man named matthew who is very lonely….(and who might be a vampire.;))

If you have seen this screencap before, you have probably read my rant written during the summer of 2013. This is the revised version and I would prefer if this one is reblogged instead since not only is my English better but I’m also more educated on the subject.

In the irl world of politics, Nazism and Fascism has gained a lot more popularity the last couple of years. If you think I’m lying I can tell you that I happen to be a transgender, mentally disabled (Aspergers) leftist activist with Jewish origin. I grew up with people shouting “Hitler” out on the streets of Stockholm after me because in their eyes a German origin is all it takes to make someone a nazi. When I say that I know what Nazism looks like, I know exactly what I’m talking about. I am writing this purely to be educational and I’m not trying to push my leftist views upon you.

It’s neither cute, sexy, or something that belongs in Hetalia. Before you ever ever wants to write something like that, regardless if it’s about Hetalia or another series.

  • Hetalia is not meant to make war cute. It’s a comedy based on (Japanese) stereotypes and weird things that have happened throughout the course of history. The actual slogan of the series is even “Make Pasta not War”.
  • Drawing Hetalia fanart depicting the Nazist/Fascist eras is to one extent okay imo. Having a fascination for those eras is okay, and expressing it using Hetalia is okay. But do not make people uncomfortable. Remember that Nazism is actually never mentioned in Hetalia except for a reference to Germany having “a crazy boss”, as well as a HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE LINE in the English dub “What, another Jew?”.
  • Thinking that black uniforms are sexy is okay. Thinking that blond muscular guys such as APH Germany and Prussia in black uniforms are sexy is okay. Thinking that a Nazi uniform looks sexy is okay, but I recommend that you don’t state that out loud. Thinking that the uniforms themselves are sexy is not the same thing as thinking that the Nazi ideology is sexy. If you think that the nazist ideology is sexy, you should stay the fuck away from me and also visit a couple of extermination camps. Read books about how it was being a prisoner in a concentration camp. Educate yourself. Look at this photography HEAVY TRIGGER WARNINGS. This is what the Nazistic ideology leads to, and that Europe already seems to have forgotten about it. And if you really of some profound way think that merciless extermination of marginalised groups and political opponents is sexy than ffs do not lump it together with Hetalia.
  • I want to emphasise again that thinking the uniform looks good is okay. The NSDAP actually employed the designer Hugo Boss to create those uniforms. 
  • You have to remember that there are those who gets uncomfortable when people wear military uniforms, and there are those who are complete asshats as well. Something that makes cosplay a bit difficult sometimes, as some people are prone to street harassment. You have to be respectable. We do not want the incident at Anime Boston 2010 to reoccur. 

So in conclusion, do not say such things about Hetalia. Do not romanticise Nazism, such as writing fanfiction where one character is a prisoner at a camp and another character a guard and they fall in love (I have infact found several fics with that actual plot). Do not treat a sensitive subject like the Holocaust as a joke.

Remember that there are differences between finding some clothes hot or finding a specific thing fascinating, and standing for an ideology such as Nazism. Do not confuse the two and think they are the same, and if you want to say the first, be careful not to make it sound like the other.

Written 8/1 2015. EDITED VERSION 1.0

 don’t cross him

‘cos he pursues his enemies until the last 

headcanon: many times, Alfred plays the loud-mouthed, hyperactive fool. perhaps he’ll even indulge in the stereotype of the ignorant american who can’t find his own country on the map. but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s nice and harmless-because, at the end of the day, he’s America, the superpower

of course, he seemed to me a child- so young, yet so terribly, hideously strong.

I know it’s common to portray Russia being unhinged during the Cold War, but seriously, America went from colony to superpower in less than 200 years. In APH terms, wouldn’t that be a tad frightening for the other nations who have lived such long lives?