Reinhardt please, Smough is the cutest…

Have been getting requests for Reinhardt lately. Probably not what you folks were looking for. I’ll draw him again in the future (maybe with no armor?).

I still have to beat Dark Souls, I haven’t found the time lately at all. Smough’s hammer charge was the death of me (many deaths actually…).

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Metroid federation Force, and also the general fan-reaction to it. Anything you would have done different if you were in charge of it?

I mean, I dunno. My problem is that Metroid Prime went off the rails when they started to introduce more “characters” that were not Samus Aran. The dialog scenes with the Luminoth in Metroid Prime 2 were a little weird, and outright showing the Galactic Federation and other Bounty Hunters in other Prime games were the polar opposite of what I was interested in from Metroid as a franchise.

Samus is a loner. We don’t need cutscenes of her talking to other characters where she’s like, “UGH, I’M A LONER!!!” or other characters looking at Samus and going “WOW, YOU’RE SUCH A LONER!!! AND THAT’S SO COOL!!!!”

The best parts of Super Metroid and the first Metroid Prime, to me, is where you’re almost playing detective. There are environmental clues that tell a story, and Prime introduced the ability to scan objects, which would give you clues. The frigate at the opening of Metroid Prime is amazing, because it’s nothing but dead or dying Space Pirates and every single one you use your scan visor on has a different wound that all piece together a larger mystery as to what killed them. Metroid not only has gameplay puzzles, but narrative puzzles, too.

I think this is something that Dark Souls really understood. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne all tell you almost nothing. You have NPCs, but for the most part they’re very cryptic and don’t make a lot of sense. It’s up to you to really dig in, read item descriptions, figure out weapon origins, and put together what, exactly, happened in this narrative before you got there.

I think a Metroid game that does that, that’s more about solving the larger mystery of why everybody is already dead by the time you got there, that is the most interesting.

Having you play as dumb Galactic Federation dorks in four-player co-op is like, every single possible thing you could get wrong about Metroid. I’m sure there’s an audience out there for that, but that doesn’t mean you’re honoring a franchise’s ideals or going in the right direction.