Dark Knight Court

No, seriously, can we talk about this scene and how fucking awesome it is? 

A lot of the humor from Smithers comes from the fact that it literally makes no sense for him to be so loyal to Mr. Burns. Not because he’s considerably younger or because he gets routinely treated like dirt or anything but because, when you get down to it, Smithers is actually a pretty decent person. He’s nice, he doesn’t hold a grudge, he’s pretty damn selfless, and his status as the president of the Malibu Stacy Fan Club basically means that he’s One of Us. So when we see him helping Mr. Burns break into someone’s home or cheerfully kidnap a musician at gun point, it’s pretty weird. True, some episodes show that there is a place where he’ll draw the line, but for the most part Smithers is the ultimate Yes Man who will go with whatever evil scheme Mr. Burns thinks up; no questions asked.

But in this episode, he gets mad, like, legitmately angry, at Mr. Burns, who has spent the whole episode pretending to be a superhero and just turned away Lisa Simpson on a whim when she geniunely asked him for help. Smithers calls Burns out for being a fraud and even gets so mad that he walks out on him without being told to scram, which is a pretty fucking big deal for Smithers. 

Now this seems pretty odd at first. Out of all the truly terrible things that Burns has done without getting so much as a peep of protest out of Smithers, why does pretending to be a hero piss him off so much? Surely there wasn’t much harm in an old man feeling good about himself, even if he wasn’t actually saving anyone. Pretending to be a hero without actually helping anyone isn’t the worst thing Burns has ever done. Why did it bother Smithers so much?

And then you remember how his father died.

Dear old Smithers Sr., who spent his last moments in a nuclear reactor, sacrificing himself to prevent a meltdown. And it wasn’t something small like he just saved the plant or anything. They explicitly say that if the core had blown, it would have taken out the entire town. Smithers’s father gave his life to save the lives of thousands of people, including his son Jr. up there. And what was the reward for his heroism?

Fucking nothing. He got no reward, no recognition, not even a proper burial. The man was a real hero, who really saved a ton of people and asked for nothing in return, and he got shoved down a corpse hatch for his trouble.

So when Mr. Burns starts jumping around in a cape, not actually doing anything to help anyone, throws himself a big gala to pat himself on the back for his non-existent heroism, and then turns away someone who he could have actually helped, that was the last straw.

And suddenly, this very odd scene becomes absolutely brilliant. 

Well done, Simpsons writers. Well done. 

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Summary - 'Dark Knight Court', 'Turban Cowboy', 'Two For Tina

No American Dad wtf?! Fox seriously why? ugh well at least there’s still the other three. Will it be as poor a week as last week, well let’s see.


And The Simpsons puts in another decent episode after last weeks pretty poor showing it’s nice to see it produce something good. But will it continue its quality to the end of the season? nope, probably not. I’ll just enjoy as many as i can.

We get a pretty good plot his week, again something not seen in the show before. After someone pranks the school brass band they believe it to be 'Bart’. But he protests his innocence and 'Lisa’ then defends him in a children’s like court room. I really liked it even tough i wasn't sure about the idea. it’s not paced as well as some of the other stories this season but as a court room parody it works well. The B-Plot is very odd with 'Mr. Burns’ rekindling his want to be a super hero. it sounds ridiculous and terrible on paper but it wasn’t too bad and created some good jokes - because he was still Mr.Burns doing out of a selfish need.

Jokes wise it was a pretty strong showing, with some absolutely brilliant jokes like - 'Lisa’ saying “Remember, a 'Simpson, never gives up” and the rest of the family laughing. Also some of the darker things 'Mr.Burns’ says were great “Well were’s my stuffed mother” and “Look at those delightful children, 'Smithers’. All those healthy organs ripe for the harvest.”. 

I’ll be honest this wasn’t to far off of a A- grade and is probably one of if not the strongest episode of the season. Not because of the plot which was good but because it finally hit a level of good jokes, there’s a good amount of jokes in here and i got some big laughs as well. A quality showing that with better pacing and just a 1 or 2 more jokes would have made A material.

B+, 8/10


And we’re back in the crapper with Family Guy. I thought i can’t possibly reach low of 'The juice is Loose’ again in the same season but it did, this episode is truly terrible.

The plot focuses on 'Peter’ and after he has an accident with a parachute ends up in hospital. Their he befriends a Muslim but they turn out to belong to a terrorist group and plan to blow up 'Quahog’ bridge. It’s a terrible plot and the set up for hi being injured is moronic. It follows an obvious path that just gets more boring as it goes a long. 

Like the story the jokes are dreadful not to the same extent there are some decent jokes - Muslim Looney Tunes made me laugh. but it was constant misses opening with a dreadful cutaway and later on the racket ball cutaway is one of the worst the show has ever done. It was like a gathering of all the worst cutaways they had and just wanted to use them. 

Painful to watch i was thinking of turning it off but i wanted it to give it a chance of possibly redeeming itself. But it didn’t. Boring plot that goes in the most obvious direction iv'e ever seen and full of jokes that hit well wide of the mark. Next week will be better because i can’t see it getting worse than this.

E-, 2/10


i don’t need to say it, really, do i? 'Bobs Burgers' for the hundredth time has the best episode of the week. Bringing its a game yet again. And clearly cementing it as the obvious winner this week and for the entire season.

Another solid plot focusing of 'Tina’, who has been the main focus for this season. 'Tina’ asks Jimmy Jr to the school dance and when he says maybe she decides to go with 'Josh’ instead, but 'Jimmy’ doesn’t give up and tries to get her to go with him. The plot is perfectly paced and it’s nice to see 'Tina’ not being the chaser of 'Jimmy’ for once. The B-Plot is linked with the main one 'Linda’ after finding out 'Bob’ didn’t go to any of his school dances gets him to chaperon 'Tina’s’ dance so he can experience it. B-Plot is as equally strong as the main plot but doesn’t end as strongly.

It’s full to the brim as usual with hilarious jokes and awkwardness of 'Tina’. Again 'Gene’ and 'Louise’ were quite but yet again it works. 'Linda’ wanting a limo so she could yell out of the sun roof was brilliant and probably the highlight of the episode for me. 'Tina’ was on top form as usual mainly through here conversation with 'Jimmy’ and 'Josh’. There a slight lack of jokes at the start but it quickly picks up the pace and after 5 minutes its on its game.

Another belter of an episode from the Belcher’s a very well paced main plot and an equally strong B-plot that turns things around for 'Tina’ and it works wonders. After the initial bumps it creates another hilarious episode full to the top with brilliant one liners and strange conversations.

A, 9/10

Favourite Parts:

- Another new plot that i’m surprised hasn’t been done before.

- For the firs time this season some down right funny jokes.

- The B-Plot though very weird was good especially when it links with the main plot.

- Homer: “Fine i’ll give you the $1,700 i owe for band candy”. Lisa: “Remember, a Simpson never gives up” *Rest of the family laughs*. Mr.Burns: “Look at those delightful children, 'Smithers’. All those healthy organs ripe for the harvest.”. Mr.Burns: “A civilian! She mustn't know I’m a superhero. Gouge her eyes out.”.


- One decent joke that’s it everything else sucked.


- Perfectly paced plot and good twist on the 'Tina’ - 'Jimmy’ narrative.

- Another Louise and Gene subdued episode that works fine without them.

- Another solid B-Plot that just gives hilarity.

- Tina: “A pants off for me?” Josh: “No a Dance- off” Tina: “Oh that’s almost as good”. Linda: "Aww, that’s what I love about you, Bob. All your sad stories.“. Josh: "Never put anything down dance pants” Tina: “Mmmm…”. Jimmy Jr.s T_I-N-A loves song - who knew N could get to take my breath away.

If you ignore 'Family Guy’ great week.