To My Curvy Sister:

You are NOT a “big girl fetish” or BBW. You’re an incredible soul wrapped in a frame that society has for years tried to belittle, but you’re much more beautiful and too strong for that. You’re not ugly. No! You’re not some dark secret. No! The only way you’re subjected to that foolishness is if you allow your mind to think so negatively. However, you’re a rose and the right man will smell of your sweet essence and cherish it forever. So what if you aren’t a size 2 or 10. SO WHAT if people have their opinions. SO WHAT if you had boys in the past make a big deal about your weight, don’t you dare see yourself as less than what you are: AMAZING.

Your full figure is just your mark of beauty. Your heart, mind, and spirit is what shines so much brighter!

Congrats to all of my curve sisters! Showcase that love that people said you didn’t deserve. Fuck em! You deserve that and more! - De'Shundra


I know people who can very easily take this kind of work for granted. You begin to think you deserve this. You don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves to be on television. Nobody deserves to get the shot to do this. You earn it everyday.

Kiss someone in the middle of July,
on a day when it’s sunny at noon
and raining its own private sea at 1p.m.

Leave trails of hands along the dust that cakes
the outside of your house. Pay homage
to all that it has held,
all that it’s protected you from,

Climb a mountain, hill, or any other natural
formation you’ve never been to before.

Call out to nature, forgive her.

Tell her she’s beautiful,
tell her she’s loved.

Learn how to play an instrument that isn’t
someone’s feelings.

Forget them all. Find new people.
Go to Japan. Find the place where the sun
melts into the horizon, and pray for peace.

Dare yourself and eat some eel.

Stop trying to find God in the sky.
Instead, look for starlings, and wagtails.
Look for airplanes and kites
and clouds that look like the face of someone
you once knew, and forget them too.

Go to Paris.
Find the oldest copy of love
poems by Desbordes-Valmore,
and read it out to strangers passing in the street.

Love someone with the passion
of a dying sun. A sombre, last-breath,
lungs-afire kind of love.

Grow old like sandstone buildings,
be happy like the ocean breeze hitting the skin.

Spell love on your fingers
and watch someone’s face light up with joy
when they read what you had to say.

Bottle this light, and save it for a rainy day.

Fall in love with people who teach you new things,
like how to say the color blue in Norwegian,
or laughter in German, or how to fish in the Fontenelle Creek.

Forgive yourself in a language only you know.

Heal yourself the only way you know how: slam poetry.

Find your heart.
Love will come when it comes
but you’ll always feel homesick if you think
your heart is always someplace else.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

—  Bucket list by aye rah
It's rant time.

If you ever DARE to call yourself a fan of a group and you single out one or two members and call them names, pick on them for physical features, try and make them insecure or try and make them feel like they should not be in the group in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM….you are NOT a fan. You’re a real shitty person. There are whole twitter pages right now dedicated to hating on members from certain groups. Taehyung from BTS is one I saw today. Saying he can’t sing or dance and picking on his physical features, saying he isn’t a visual and saying quote “ot6 will rise without Taehyung because he’s ugly.” And people are actually agreeing with this awful human being. And she stans Seokjin. Literally tweets about how she loves the other 6 but singles out Taehyung and gives him disgusting hate for NO REASON.

It’s sad that people are so fucking unhappy with themselves and their lives that they have to make someone else feel like shit. Especially someone like him. He has so much love to give and so much warmth in his heart and soul. He loves armies and he loves children, he looks at them with such adoration. He cares for his group members and he is sensitive. He’s such an amazing human being. If you hurt him and insult him, you have no fucking right to call yourself an ARMY. None at all. Armies don’t consider you an army. And you can be damn well sure that bangtan wouldn’t either. As the other 6 absolutely adore Taehyung. He’s one of the most gentle and loving people I’ve ever seen. How dare you insult him and then call yourself an army.

This goes for every other group too. I’ve also seen twitter pages insulting Taeyong from NCT because of mistakes he made when he was what? 12? He’s a GROWN MAN NOW. Are you seriously saying such disgusting and nasty things to him because of mistakes he made when he was a child? I have seen videos of him talking about it and I’ve seen him cry over it. He is absolutely genuine and he is sorry. That’s all he can do. That’s what human beings do. They make mistakes and they apologize and learn from them. He takes care of all of the members and he is a genuinely good person. I really believe that. Wholeheartedly. And if you insult him and then call yourself a fan of NCT, you got some real nerve.

Now I’ll move on to Vernon of Seventeen. Picking on him because he’s half Korean and half white? Really? I’ve heard people say he’s lying about being Korean at all. This is so dumb on every level possible. I’ve seen people pick on him also for his physical features and even his personality like??? Don’t you have better shit to do than pick on this precious fucking gift to the world?

This goes for any group. These are just a few I’ve seen floating around. You can’t bash one member of a group and bully them and then call yourself a fan of the rest. You can’t. It’s all or nothing.

Anyway I’ll never understand why people are such pieces of shit goodnight.

i-am-reptar  asked:

If you ever go out to eat and the host or hostess asks if you have a preference on your seating and you say no. Don't you fucking dare move yourself once they seat you. They sat you there for a reason, and don't you dare complain that you haven't seen your server. You over from their section. They are no longer your server you twat..

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Day Five Hundred Thirty.

i am the clutter that covers my desk
and shields my work from view
i am the dirty clothes piling up in the corner
and the straightener i’m never sure is turned off
i am unfinished projects and unwritten ideas
a whirlwind of movement
a blur, a flash of colour
i am lazy sundays and empty coffee cups
slow yawns and good morning messages
i am felt tipped pens and long to-do lists
baggy sweatpants and the heart necklace he gave me
i am a cheesy cliché
and still an original 
i am right and i am wrong
i am a simile but never a metaphor
i am words and blank pages 
a mystery and your favourite secret
i am the only person i know how to be 
i dare you to be yourself too

anonymous asked:

Why is it okay for you to ship and write about N*rry but all L*rries are evil for doing the same thing? I'm neither one but that's real nasty of you, mate.

Look up the difference between shipping and tinhatting. You’ll learn the difference between what’s nasty and what isn’t, mate.

Then come back, and maybe we can discuss the difference between the way I ship Narry and write stories – and the way Larries tinhat Larry, aka abuse their faves and their faves’ families. Because only then will you be able to have a mature conversation, rather than just making assumptions about people and accusing them of being something they aren’t.