This has got to be the Best Book ever!! And is writtten by my favorite youtuber ♡ Its gives me soo much hope and makes me feel happy when im down ! Thank you Louise for making me feel better about my image and body confidence. I love the tips and the funny storys ♡ You are an Inspiration to everyone and i will forever keep this book ♡ sprinkleofglitr ♡Carolann (a sprinklerino) xxxx

Even if we place her at her most basic, Darcy Lewis is still amazing.

Most basic meaning what we simply see on screen and in the companion comics. 

She’s a student at Culver University. You know, the very scientific driven institute known for to tie the Marvel Universe together! The one that employs Betty Ross, Bruce Banner, Jane Foster, and Andrew Garner to name a few. Darcy is a Political Science Major who applied for an internship under a particle physics during her post-doctorate research simply for six credits. Out of all the ways a person can get credits and of all the internships she could have applied for, she choose a fringe expedition. A lot of people focus on her being the only applicant, meaning it wasn’t a choice. It was a choice. The moment she applied, she choose. I think that speaks volumes to Darcy. 

Let’s not forget, Darcy hacked into live feeds to see Thor in Manhattan. Yep.

This iPod lover and taser handler was the first to be open minded about Thor and helped fight of intergalactic elves without a second thought. She is amazing. Hell, how many people would stop to rescue a pet shop in the middle of giant alien robo attack?

It’s not a far cry to make her a SHIELD Agent or send her back to school to be a lawyer or what have you. People keep saying Darcy Lewis is popular because ‘we know little about her.’ I laugh in their faces. All that above? That is a lot to go on! 

Darcy is popular because she has a lot of potential.