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[TRANS] My bottle that i really need when im filming overnight ㅎㅎㅎ Today, its coffee!!! ☕️ Im not sleepy!!😴 

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这是我和这次新开拍的网络剧'我们分手了'中的演员们一起拍的画报。最近在非常努力的拍摄当中,好想快点让大家看到啊^^ 加油!!! 

I took these photos with other actors who acting in the new web drama ‘We Broke Up’. Recently, I tired my best in shooting, and I want everyone to watch it as soon as possible ^^ Fighting!! 

Translated by @DaraIDOCN

YG’s KIM JI SOO on “Producer” Attracts Attention for Her Beauty

‘KIM JI SOO makes a surprise appearance on “Producer”

[TV리포트=김명석 기자] YG Family members are appearing on the drama “Producer,” and out of all, newbie KIM JI SOO is attracting much attention.

The episode on May 23 featured Cindy (played by IU) appearing in the variety program “2 Days & 1 Night.” With Cindy appeared YG’s DARA and the newbie KIM JI SOO.

KIM JI SOO, on the fact that Cindy is to appear on the same show, says in the drama, “It’s not bad. I am new so I think it would actually help my reputation.” To this, DARA says, “She could overtake you. Don’t respond to anything she says.” DARA also tells KANG SEUNG YOON to stay cautious of Cindy.

In the drama, KIM JI SOO plays a role of an artist who is hardly known to anyone. Her feminine beauty attracted much attention.

KIM JI SOO previously aroused attention when YG announced that she will be one of its newest girl group members. Born in 1995, she has been with YG for a long time as a trainee.

2015. 5. 24.