di tanjong katong, airnya biru
di situ tempatnya dara jelita
duduk sekampung, lagikan rindu
kononlah pula nun jauh di mata

pulau pandan jauh ke tengah
gunung daik bercabang tiga
hancur badan di kandung tanah
budi yang baik di kenang jua

( repeat chorus )

kalau ada jarum patah
jangan simpan di dalam peti
kalau ada silap sepatah
jangan disimpan di dalam hati

Dara was my least favorite member of 2NE1, but seeing how she’s as devastated as the rest of us about the disbandment - if not more so - is both warming and breaking my heart.
I feel like she’s really trying to comfort and console us all with her posts, and will continue to, where as the other posts made were/are more out of obligation - one and done. 
It’s made me love and appreciate her a lot more.

uxwanted-heirs  asked:

♡ What they do after sex for Dara

“I would say you’d have to find out”–

But the mun is going to tell you. She likes to cuddle and run her fingers all over her lover. Usually just exist with the person before going to get food xD


@dara_n @rbaeza8620 @chz_head52 am I the only one who can see @lenox_240 doing this to Logan?lmfao😂😂😂

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