Ini baru hari ketiga lebaran

Dan rasanya pengen ngeluarin sumpah serapah. Entah marah sama siapa. Mungkin ke keadaan. Tapi jadinya semua salah!
Berawal dari Dara yang seharian ini rewel terus. I wonder, why dont she say what she wants! Then I realize, maybe she gets speech delay. Which means, I might spend more money. That I don’t have it right now.
Dilema datang. Dara harus sekolah. But then, more money. Dan pula kok ga tega ya sebenerny nyekolahin anak baru dua tahun. Tapi dia butuh sosialisasi. Dengan anak yang sudah bisa bicara, tentunya. Tapi ini baru dua tahun loh! Kasian ga sih harus kumpul sama orang lain bukan sama keluarganya sendiri. I wish I could stay at home but still earn some money.

It’s been over two and a half years and I still have a slight cringe whenever a fic describes the door in the main hall of Skyhold as leading right up to the Inquisitor’s room.

There’s the entire length of the corridor between Josie’s office and the war room between the mainhall and the tower!

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daddy dara I'm freaking out cause I've had all of my things wrong flare at once and since I haven't gotten any diagnoses yet I only have one med to help and it hurts and I'm so tired but can't sleep and everything feels shitty and I'm sorry for ranting

if it makes you feel better to rant, please do so.


Yo no creo que el amor sea algo para probar con cualquier fisico, creo que se encuentra la oportunidad de las miradas que necesitan, lo que a ti te sobra,si algo he aprendido esque el amor es aquel que sobrevive a la muerte de las mariposas de hecho hay un estudio que dice que el primer amor dura una media de entre uno y dos años a lo que queda se le llama amor, si no pasas a ser otra lista de los caprichos que tuvistes y pasaron de moda,pero creo que todavia no estoy preparada para apostar por esas mariposas por eso no quiero compromisos,asi que no te enamores de mi, de verdad no lo hagas no lo hagas porque aunque me muera de ganas de que lo sienta, asi me hagas sentir lo que fuera por una puta vez algo normal tarde o temprano va acabar, algun dia querras ir a tomar algo y yo estare demaciada ocupada,tarde o temprano me daras a elegir y tendre que decirte Adios, pero lo siento aprendi a malas,porque si no inviertes tiempo en algo que te pueda romper no te rompera nunca, asi que no te enamores de mi.
—  Ella

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Isn't dara o'broen a gameshow host?

Aha yeah he kinda is, he does stand up comedy and presents Mock the Week (greaaatttt show) but he does present Stargazing Live (a live astronomy show) with Brian Cox and he does a lot of science programs nowadays, like School of Hard Sums was a very good one, and Dara Ó (just looked it up and there’s an accent) Briain’s Science Club

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That does sound cool, what got u interested in that?

Idk I’ve been interested in it since I was young, probably watching Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain tbh…. my grandad is super into all that stuff as well, he worked as an engineer but he’s rlly passionate about physics too


This is absolutely one of the best songs of 2NE1, as well as one of my favorites of all time. I just wanted to do something for my queens, even though everything. I’ll try to do a video for every song of the 1st Mini Album. Do you have a suggestion for which song should be the next?