After making a video with us, Erika Moen brought her awesome husband Matthew by for a man’s perspective on reusable menstrual products!

Posting yet another of Erika’s works.

To everyone feeling shitty about anything… remember that life is both pain and pleasure. For all the sad you ever feel, remember that you have happy moments too. While it’s not always 50/50 there is always something to look back upon or look forward to.

And for those of you who choose to stay in a bubble. Contact me and I will visit you in your bubble to help alive the boredom… Maybe make you see the world isn’t always a horrible place.

It will be OK. I promise…


We caught up with comic artist Erika Moen, creator of Oh Joy Sex Toy, to chat about her experience with GladRags and the Moon Cup. She also shows off an original art piece she made in celebration of menstrual cups!

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It’s no secret that this is about my kid being born. The difference in scale is entirely intentional as I wanted Robin to only be able to hold Batman’s finger, just like my daughter did when I met her. 
This is EXACTLY how I remember it happening…Ladder and all. 
Just like the other monsters, this original piece is for sale at FCBD at Carol and John’s comic shop, as well as prints of an (upcoming) colored version. You should buy them, my kid is almost two now and she needs a Robin costume.  

baio-logist asked:

Oh, I just meant, like, I guess I don't understand the context or that sort of thing. I'm sorry, I guess what I mean is are /both/ of those her comics? And is she open about fetishizing them? I mean, that's just absolutely fucked up and not okay? It's insane that people seem to think she's some great all-accepting forward thinking activist, she's incredibly creepy.

Yeah, you got it. I didn’t mean to be short I’m just kind of badbrains today.

She was, yes. And those are both from her previous comic called Dar!, which was a personal diary sort of thing.

She’s been called about it before but has never really given any indication that she understands what was wrong about what she wrote and what it implies about how she regards transgender people.

T’be honest the view she expressed wasn’t even rare. It was pretty common in the lesbian community in the 2000′s for trans men who date women to be a part of the lesbian scene prior to realizing or coming out as trans men. Some of them didn’t even really see it as a bad thing, weirdly? which is why there are still a lot of ties between cis queer women’s social circles and afab trans social circles. But yeah, lots of cis lesbians being like “It doesn’t count if he’s a ~transman~ it’s ~radical and progressive~!”

wingedbeastie said: You make valid points. I will entirely admit, that the entirety of my response comes from the visceral hatred I have for these sorts of IDs. I will freely admit the hoop jumping talk is the sort of thing used disrespect bi and poly folks.

I hear ya. And my knee-jerk is in defence of that comic because DAR actually helped me come to terms with my own sexuality at a time when I was sooooooo deep int he closet with myself. I went from “TOTALLY STRAIGHT” to “Well, let’s go with Queer because I was attracted to a girl once or twice maybe” thanks to that comic, which in turn down the road when I was more comfortable with myself had me IDing as bi.

Also, if you have no clue of the comic as a comic diary, then it can read as fictional characters written by a person who is trying to avoid the ‘bi’ word. Especially as the person didn’t provide links or anything.

that-titan-has-a-nice-ass asked:

Yo, tu mergi la comicon sau la otaku? Eu as vrea la ambele :)))

Aaa soo nici eu nu stiu ce sa fac. O sa merg la Otaku sambata dar la Comic con habar nu am .. as merge duminica dar mai trebuie sa mai invat pt teze u know :))

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Internacional.- Luego de que se filtrara el tráiler de “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”:, el director del film decidió terminar con la intriga y dar a conocer el avance oficial (no pirateado) y dos de los pósters de la película.

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La viralización de un par de copias del tráiler de “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” parece que adelantó la decisión de DC Comics de dar a conocer algunas pistas de lo que será uno de los films más esperados de 2016.

En efecto, luego de la publicación en las redes sociales del tráiler “pirateado”, Zack Snyder dio a conocer a través de su cuenta de Twitter la versión oficial del video que adelanta lo que ocurrirá en marzo del año que viene, cuando se estrene el film.

Por otra parte, también publicó en su perfil de la red social del pajarito azul dos de los pósters que acompañarán la promoción del lanzamiento. En los carteles aparecen los dos héroes que dan título al filme, con los rostros tapados por los logos de su adversario.

El film está protagonizado por Ben Affleck y Henry Cavill.

#BatmanvSuperman #NotBlurry #NotPirated https://t.co/6twr1oFBvr

— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) abril 17, 2015

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