After making a video with us, Erika Moen brought her awesome husband Matthew by for a man’s perspective on reusable menstrual products!

Posting yet another of Erika’s works.

To everyone feeling shitty about anything… remember that life is both pain and pleasure. For all the sad you ever feel, remember that you have happy moments too. While it’s not always 50/50 there is always something to look back upon or look forward to.

And for those of you who choose to stay in a bubble. Contact me and I will visit you in your bubble to help alive the boredom… Maybe make you see the world isn’t always a horrible place.

It will be OK. I promise…


We caught up with comic artist Erika Moen, creator of Oh Joy Sex Toy, to chat about her experience with GladRags and the Moon Cup. She also shows off an original art piece she made in celebration of menstrual cups!


GOODBYE AND HELLO: (Top) Cover of the last issue published by Dar Al-Hilal; (Above) Cover of the new Mickey published by Nahdet Misr

“As a little girl I cherished Mickey, the comic magazine of choice for the vast majority of Egypt’s younger population, even before I knew how to read. The reading of Mickey was in fact a nearly sacrosanct Thursday ritual, usually preceded by a fight with my uncle, who often had it to himself first. Having procured the ink-and-paper treasure, I would lie victoriously beside my older cousin – and as she read out loud I would stare at the colourful strips in awe. Some 25 years later, I catch myself slouching on the couch to read Mickey, having fought over it with my younger sister.”

Amira Elnoshokaty writes an (old) article about many’s favorite comic

Arkade Comics: Personagens Homossexuais nos Quadrinhos

Ultimamente,  há muitas discussões sobre os direitos dos LGBTs e após a Suprema Corte dos EUA anunciar a  legalização do casamento gay  e provar que o amor vence barreiras e preconceitos, a ComicbookResource  em celebração, compilou uma enorme — mas ainda nem perto abrangente — lista dos heróis de LGBT, vilões, aliados e civis que povoam as páginas da Marvel e DC Comics. Vamos dar uma olhada em alguns deles ? 1 e 2 –  Wiccan e Hulkling (Marvel) Os Novos Vingadores receberam o prêmio  GLAAD Awar

via: http://eexponews.com/arkade-comics-personagens-homossexuais-nos-quadrinhos_5782570922934272