This is my character Jacob with BraveBirdArt’s Bristol. 

I think it’s about time to let everyone know. My tablet is dead. I bought a new one but it wont be here for another week so, probably no art till then. I managed to draw this today, but it demanded a lot of painstaking undos since I’ve got a two second lag and no pen pressure. So, see you guys then when I can draw again.

Look guys, I do anime sometimes? 

My OC Jon, short for Jonathon Thatcher. He’s kind of cursed into perpetual youth (my one obligatory “immortal” character). I never draw him seriously. Actually he’s more broad shouldered and thickly built, but that would take more time to draw. 

Anyways, take this terrible drawing. Be happy. 

SO I’m officially a senior. Scary to say the least. Before my senior year really starts and the beginning of the end commences, I’ve got a few goals I’m going to achieve this summer. 

Underline the going. This is going to happen. If anyone sees me lagging or getting on the downs, fire me a warning shot. Also, any crits are good crits. I’m wide open. Whatever you have to say or anything you see that’s looking odd, just point that out and I’ll tear into the issue. 

The Summer Journey Objectives: 

-More original-looking characters. 
I must travel through the dusty desert to find the life spark. Contained in the life spark is a golden glow that gives characters life and meaning. Perhaps if I search hard enough, I will reach the hidden tomb where it is buried. 

-Ambitious perspective and backgrounds with personality.
The land of the Summer Journey is vast and varied. Visiting the biggest cities and the farthest outposts may yield many surprises. 

During the Summer Journey I must create a dazzling visual display of storytelling (i.e. comics). 

Last, but not least:
Over the course of the Summer Journey I will meet many new people. Together, with their help, I will learn more about what it is to be apart of a team.

I hope you all will stay with me on this journey. You’re very welcome to join in. Together, we will accomplish many things.


Look guys, I did an animation! It’s a walk cycle (plus some extraneous bits). Realizing now I sort of broke the rules of the assignment, but we pretend I didn’t and move on.. 


Why Daphne, where have you been?

Mostly, off doing this nonsense. More to come, just you wait. There are some issues, but I’m pretty happy with it. 

Casting Line Up for part one of Discord

In the town of Harmony, when a young girl goes missing, a down-on-his-luck detective gets pulled back onto an old case of a disquieting trail of kidnappings.

In the city of Discord, a power-shortage is threatening the lives of it’s citizens. Doc Dark has saved them from the threat in the past, but how can he possibly pull it off again?

Stay tuned for the colored version of the characters. I really can’t wait to post that for you guys. I’m expecting to get the first pages done sometime these coming weeks. More to come!


Final Animation for Principles of 2D Animation. I’d like to make a couple of changes, but since I no longer have access to a light table, they probably won’t happen. xD