Saturday’s Scrum

Chock-Full Of Thunder Thighs And Power Glutes With Danny Care And Co.

Woof, Baby!


Not One Of England’s Finer Performances!

Yes, England Came Away With The Six Nations Chamionship

Yes, England Had A Remarkable Winning Streak Under Eddie Jones.

But I Am Gob-Smacked By The Unsportsmanlike Performances Of Some England Players On The Pitch Today!

Owen Farrell…What The Frack!!!!

Dan Coles…Well, He Does Not Surprise Me…Big PWE!

And Danny Care…Keep Your Cool Man!

Ireland Played Phenomenally!

St. Patrick’s Revenge!!!

Erin Go Bragh, Laddies And Lassies!


Hump Day Hunks

Robby Looks Very Sexy In The Skin-Tight Puma Jersey.

Woof, Baby!