Teen Wolf side characters everyone loves without needing an explanation

(In no specific order)

1. Coach (If you don’t love him then idk you need help)

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2. Danny (hes been there since the beginning and he’s nicey)

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3. Greenberg (I know he’s barely a character but everyone supports Greenberg)

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4. Brett Talbot (RIP. So young, so hot, and gone)

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questions we all need answered

where’s isaac? is he still in paris? where’s kira? how’s she doing with the skinwalkers? is lori dead? where’s cora? are ethan and jackson a thing? are melissa and argent official? where’s danny and how much did he know? did he know that jackson was the kanima? where’s issac? why is lydia’s hair so boring? when will we get some stydia and scalia? will thiam have any more scenes together? where’s isaac? will theo find a place to stay (preferably liam’s bed)? is chris okay with scalia? when will gerard’s crusty bitch ass die? who the fuck does this knockoff morrell guidance counselor think she is? are froy’s eyes okay after that episode? also, where’s isaac?