Danny Māhealani

A good night

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Request-  One shot with y/n and Danny having a sleepover like best best friends? They are talkin for each others crushes: y/n - Liam and Danny-Ethan and then they watch a movie and end up telling jokes to each other while eating pizza! It sounds cute i think.


“What if you use the old drop the pencil in front of him, flirting trick?’, you asked Danny as you threw a piece of popcorn in the air and caught it in your mouth. Danny and you were currently in his bedroom watching Pretty In Pink and discussing ways to catch both of your crush’s attention.

“I don’t think Ethan is ass man, [Y/N], but Liam might be”, blood rushed to your cheeks as you thought of yourself using that old flirting trick on Liam, “Tell me, how does it feel to know you heart is taken by a freshman”

“Oh shut up Dan!”, You laughed, throwing popcorn at your best friends face. These are the moments you cherished the most. Spending time with your best friend, and not having to worry about who’s next to die in this town. No one knew that Danny and you knew what was going on in this town, and how the boys we like just so happen to be werewolves.

“You said you had pizza, but I am currently not eating pizza. Why is that?”, you asked folding your arms over your chest as you stared at the liar who claimed to have pizza.

“I put in the oven to keep it warm”, Danny spoke as he stood up from his bed and started walking out of the room, “I swear you only want to be in this friendship, because I give you pizza”

“Well, you’re not lying”, You giggled, as you feel backwards on the bed. Fiddling with the navy blue blankets, until he reemerged with two boxes of pizza. Quickly you jumped up, and reached for one of the large boxes, Danny held the boxes above his head, taunting you.

“What’s wrong? Can’t reach the boxes?”, Danny teased while you kept trying to reach up for the boxes.

“Don’t Dan. Or else I will kick you where the sun-don’t-shine and take the pizza for myself. And then I will tell Ethan all about how you got knocked down by a girl twice your size”, you said, placing your hands on your hips. Danny quickly put the boxes on the bed and sat down on the floor. Smiling, you opened on the boxes, and the fresh smell of warm, mouth watering pizza filled your nostrils. You grabbed a piece and started to devour it. Danny laughed at you , watching as you took another slice into your mouth.

“You do realize that I want some too. Wonder what Liam would think of you being so unlady like”, Danny reached over and took a slice of pizza for himself. Glaring you stuck your tongue at him.

“Wonder how Ethan would think of his latest admirer being disabled, from getting ass kicked”, Danny let out a booming laugh at your threat, everything about you was beyond cute, and nothing was scary or threatening. Like a rabbit.

“You should really start looking up better threats on the internet”, He replied still laughing. You leaned over reaching for the bowl of popcorn that was next to him,took the whole bowl in your hands, and then proceed to dump it on his head. Danny let out of girlish scream as he jumped up and took off his shirt trying to get off the popcorn away from his toned body. Laughing you just sat there, watching your best friend dance like a maniac trying to get the popcorn that fell into his pants.

“Should probably mention to Ethan that you’re a horrible dancer”

“And you should problem mention to Liam that you’re a brat”, Danny shot back, now it was his turn to place his hands on his hips. A smile was on his face.

“A brat that you love though”, both of you laughed this time. This is a good night. A night that made the both of you forget what was happening in the real world.

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