Ectober day 3, Ghostbusters

Part 3 (Part 1 / Part 2, The Entire Thing)

The Party: Sam

She convinced herself to stay because Danny wanted to stay, and she figured somebody had to watch him. So, despite telling Paulina that she was leaving and not coming back, and that she could very well kiss her ass, there she was. Sipping cider from a well-guarded cup and watching Danny discover tequila at the start of what was about to be a very long night. She could feel it in her bones.

“So you’re a cat?” A boy with brown skin, wide glasses, and a face far too handsome to be Tucker’s dropped onto the couch beside her. She gave him a squint that was meant to be a glare, “I’m bad luck.”

“Oh.” He nodded, “Yeah cool. I’m Anthony. Nice to meet you, Bad Luck.”

Sam checked her phone. Not even a minute had gone by yet. “Okay.” Anthony leaned back. He was dressed like something from an old play, and wearing feathers in his hat. “You’re not the talking type. That’s cool.”

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I had to do it! xDD Sam looks so cute when he’s angry! >w< xDD
Now it was Dash, Paulina, Star and Kwan’s turn to have their GB version xD their names would be Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye and Kwyn! xD
Lo tenia que hacer! xDD Que lindo se ve Sam cuando se enoja! >w< xDD
Ahora era el turno de Dash, Paulina, Star y Kwan tener su version GB xD Su nombres serian Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye y Kwyn! xD