Danny Cho

questions we all need answered

where’s isaac? is he still in paris? where’s kira? how’s she doing with the skinwalkers? is lori dead? where’s cora? are ethan and jackson a thing? are melissa and argent official? where’s danny and how much did he know? did he know that jackson was the kanima? where’s issac? why is lydia’s hair so boring? when will we get some stydia and scalia? will thiam have any more scenes together? where’s isaac? will theo find a place to stay (preferably liam’s bed)? is chris okay with scalia? when will gerard’s crusty bitch ass die? who the fuck does this knockoff morrell guidance counselor think she is? are froy’s eyes okay after that episode? also, where’s isaac?

Teen Wolf addressed Hayden’s absence on 6x11.

Three more things that they should address before the show ends:

1. Kira’s progress with the Skinwalkers and what happened to her tail that she entrusted to Scott

2. How Danny knew about the supernatural (or at least, how he knew Ethan was a werewolf) because “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills” is not a good enough reason


Productive, Fun Marvel Things You Can Do Instead of Being Mad About White Iron Fist

I know a lot of you are pissed and/or disappointed about Marvel casting a white Iron Fist. Instead of being mad, I am going to recommend Marvel stuff that does truly represent Asian heroes, and they exist in the amazing and diverse world of comics.

The Totally Awesome Hulk

Amadeus Cho is Korean American and he is now the Hulk. After a mysterious accident putting Bruce Banner out of commision, Amadeus, one of the smartest people in the world, took it upon himself to be good old jolly green, except this time, he has his anger under control. This kid brings a sense of fun to being a huge, green monster and his series subverts all Asian stereotypes to give a legacy hero his own unique identity.

You can buy his series here


Cindy Moon was once bitten by a radioactive spider and after years in solitude, she became her own spider-hero, naming herself Silk. Her story is all about becoming accustomed to a world that has outgrown her and changed to an astonishing degree. She also looks for the family she was estranged from due to her powers. Any person with anxiety and just plain awkwardness can immediately relate to her.

You can buy her series here and here

The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu/Master of Kung-Fu

Do you want to see a true Asian martial arts master? Well then Shang-Chi is the man for you. The guy is a bit of a drunk and a loser but his resolve and skill are top of the line, and he will need all of his wisdom and strength to overthrow the evil government run by his father. This is the true Marvel kung-fu epic Netflix should be adapting. When he is not fighting his father’s authority, he works as a detective, taking on the most unusual cases and fighting the biggest of enemies.

You can buy his series here, here, and here

Iron Spider in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon 

In the animated world, Amadeus Cho is still the lovable genius we know from the comics, except this time he is a Spider-Man. Using an Iron Spider suit he improved upon from a useless Tony Stark design, Cho becomes a master of flight and a genius engineer. He is a true hero and protector of New York City.

You can see him on Ultimate Spiderman vs. The Sinister Six and Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors on Disney XD 

Blindspot in Daredevil

Samuel Chung is an illegal Chinese immigrant that hides a fierce intellect and need for justice. Using what little money he has from an dingy apartment he shares with his sister, he builds himself a suit and a code of honor to protect his home and family in Chinatown as the vigilante Blindspot, eventually becoming the apprentice of the legendary hero Daredevil.

He can also turn invisible how cool is that?

You can read his origin here

And you can read his exploits with Daredevil here

Nico Minoru in A-Force

Nico Minoru is a magic user. Once a member of the Runaways, she is now a full-fledged Avenger working in the all-female A-Force team. She fights alongside great heroines like Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Medusa, and her good friend Singularity. She is hero not to be messed with and she deserves everyone’s respect.

You can buy Runaways here

You can buy A-Force here and here

I understand why you want to be mad, but instead of being mad about movie and TV studios, we NEED to find places where change and representation is happening and there is no better place for that than in comics. Nothing is hopeless, we just need to look beyond our comfort zones.

All of these series are amazing and they need to be read.

Please read about these heroes, buy their series, and support them. 

If you already know about them, spread this post like wildfire and introduce these characters to people who need or want to see heroes that represent them.

Show Marvel that THIS is what we want both in their comics, TV shows, and movies.


I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing this for certain shows! So I wanted to do one for my favorite show Teen Wolf because I haven’t seen one yet.

I do apologize if someone has done one for Teen Wolf, I don’t mean to copy, but I’m sure mine can’t be exactly the same.


Teen Wolf Meme - (1/3) Episodes - 3x16 “Illuminated”

“If I wanted to go to a rave, I’d get in a time machine and go back to the 90s" 

Goodbye Kira

I really love Teen Wolf (obviously), and I don’t want this to ever become a negative blog (I will delete it before that ever happens), but I just have to say something.

I honestly believe that Teen Wolf could have been even better if the writers had just focused on the characters more instead of focusing so much on plot. We don’t need a dozen new characters every season. We don’t need three new villains every season. We just need the characters that we know and love. We want to watch them grow, and change, and interact with each other in new ways, and learn more about themselves. We love them! We want to know more about them! Plot lines can develop slowly. We don’t need to rush through two competing plot lines every season! Show the characters reacting to things and dealing with things. Show them talking to each other and figuring things out! Show them just kicking back and having fun sometimes. I just want to be with the characters I love!

I would rather grow with a character I know, than to see them become marginalized to make room for a character I’ve never met before. 

I miss Kira already. I mourn for where the show would be now if Jackson and Danny had stuck around. I understand that Hollywood is a business and things happen that we don’t know about, but I have to believe if the situation was good enough, people would have stayed. What would the show be like if we still had Allison, Isaac, Ethan, Erica, and Boyd? 

I mourn for the stories that will never be, and all of the new characters in the world can never make up for it.