My first animation stream is live! I’M NERVOUS BE NICE

Working on a simple n sweet lil Noog Toon called Booger Bros! Download the Noog Network here


It’s Danny Phantom cosplay photo story! Hope you like it!

As Danny Phantom: Kouji Alone(me)
As Evil Doctor: Tachi
Ph: Ovsyan
Thanks Kai for help and Joe for the slime!


“First of all, this is not about me, this is about you. This is about thanking you for showing me that my life matters. Thanking you for showing me what strength means. Thank you for paving the way for us, for showing us that we are worth it, that we are proud and it’s okay to be proud of who we are, of our bodies, of the way we look, of the way we feel. It’s beautiful. And now, it’s such a pivotal time in our history. It’s such a pivotal, crazy time and I want you to know all you ladies up there: You are the leaders. We are the future. We need you. We need every single one in this room. We are needed. You are needed to step up to the play right here, right now, and let your voice be heard. This is the time. So, please, continue to do so. I appreciate you. I love you. I thank you. I support you. I’m with you. We are all with you in this room tonight. So, thank you for every thing that you do. Thank you for allowing me to be here with you, and… There’s nothing else I can say, but thank you, thank you, thank you.” | Zendaya accepting her ‘Glamour: Woman of the Year’ award