dan, the professional trashketball player

Happy Birthday Danny!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to celebrate the man with the red pants and the gold heart.  I would say that for the next 24 hours this is a Danny Weinkauf blog, but we all know that it always is.  For today though, I have several posts queued to celebrate the wonderful man that tmbg is lucky to call their bass player. I’ll also be reblogging some of my favorite Danny pictures, gifs, etc.

The Cramwell Lineage

Some of my favourite Let’s Plays by the Grumps is definitely the Zelda LPs. One of the best parts of each has got to be their names for Link each time.

With them starting Ocarina of Time, and their giving the Link Between Worlds Link a last name, I I thought it would be interesting if these were all just one family, stretching back genrations.


It’s Danny Phantom cosplay photo story! Hope you like it!

As Danny Phantom: Kouji Alone(me)
As Evil Doctor: Tachi
Ph: Ovsyan
Thanks Kai for help and Joe for the slime!


if you don’t laugh from watching danny do funny shit, are you like even human?