Three Hazelnuts

a Sims 3 Christmas Story by @danjaley and @tyrellsimsoficeandfire

Two German simmers, beautiful childhood memories and a classic fairy tale: Follow our Sims 3 adaption of one of the most beloved Christmas movies:

Drei Haselnüsee für Aschenbrödel  (1973)

(Tři oříšky pro Popelku / Three Gifts for Cinderella)

Over the past decades, this Czech version of Cinderella became the most popular holiday film in Germany which is aired more than a dozen times each year. We want to take you on a journey with Aschenbrödel, how Cinderella is called in German. Follow a strong-willed young girl who - with the help of a magic gift - finds true love and freedom…

We invite you to join us on our journey to the world of fairy tale and already wish you:


I made a Student Sim for @danjaley

…his name is Lawrence Howard.

Coming from a long line of lawyers, Lawrence Howard does the only thing his family expects: Studying law. Well, that’s not exactly what he desired. People might think he’s a spoiled rich kid, but Lawrence knows how to hide his love for theatre and fine arts. When he suggested to become an actor, his parents became angry. But what do they know about their sons free time at a far away University…

I love such exchanges among simblrs! I even step away from my medieval theme for such things. Have fun with him @danjaley!

(PS: He’s actually a modified Victorian version of my Theon Greyjoy)

Hairdo Replies

However, first I want to apologize for being so inactive on here the past couple of weeks. The weekend before last, I was out of town attending a wedding, and then last Saturday (a week ago yesterday) I came down with some sort of virus thing that got me taken to the ER on Tuesday night. Once I was able to breathe (and sleep!) again normally, I started feeling much better, but until today I just haven’t had the energy for sims.

That said, I should be back to playing and posting again regularly now. :D I still have several CC things to finish up and share with you guys and a bunch of story updates to write, and as it seems I’m going to be spending Christmas at home alone this year I should in general have a lot of time for playing this month.

Anyway, I hope y’all are doing well! <3

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Noise Inspired by Danjaley’s screen

remember the day
when you first retreated
did you look back?
do you still grieve?

the sound of her voice
in the distance, did it eternally
reach the depths of your mind
as you left her behind?

little girl, where have you gone?
the birds chirped along
and you paused because
the world, it sang to you


For @danjaley who very often inspires with her beautiful screens.  This one in particular continued to haunt ever since you posted it and I wanted to write something for it, hope you do not mind.

Here’s a shot of Whitney McDermott doing some canning for her Herbalist shop at home, using @danjaley’s wonderful mod of the TS3 Store Canning Station. <3

The senior McDermott’s invited a crowd of people over for Stuffed Turkey. Ginny doesn’t seem to like the little table they had to put up to accommodate all their guests. Or maybe she just doesn’t like the fact that I spent her money to buy it. :)

Jumping a head a bit, but below is Whitney and Maximus McDermott’s home, all dressed up for the holidays. 

For everyone who celebrates it, Happy Thanksgiving! 

danjaley  asked:

Hi! Once you get this SHARE 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite followers! :)

1. I’m the eldest child in my family

2. My favourite book and film series is Harry Potter

3. I drink at least 2 cups of tea a day

4. I hate the heat, I’d rather vacation in Iceland than on a beach

5. I think I have a candle addiction (I own so many??? I don’t need this many???)

6. I got so drunk on gin one night I can no longer stomach it without instantly vomiting


Henry Appleby for danjaley​‘s Marriage Market Challenge.

The only child of a wealthy doctor, Henry always believed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the family practice when he grew up, but when the time eventually came to choose a career path the quiet young man surprised everyone by opting to attend veterinary school instead. Although hesitant about it, his father agreed to pay for his tuition and boarding expenses, but on one condition- After graduation, Henry must get married and provide the aging gentleman with a suitable heir.

Now that he’s out of school and has several years experience under his belt, Henry has reluctantly agreed to take a break from his beloved practice and travel to Roaring Heights to find a wife. A bit on the shy side, he truly hopes that he can break out of his shell and find someone to love and love him in return, but he remains doubtful. Despite his friendly smile and gentle nature, women seldom seem interested in the awkward, bespectacled animal lover.

Animal Lover | Brave | Friendly | Good | Shy

A Comedy Drama from the 1400′s. 

May contain flashing images - Bettina’s dress was just too revealing, Sorry!

It’s MURDER! At The Medieval Manor…

For those of you who might struggle with the ‘British-ness’ of it all, here - have a Subtitled Version:

Some Credits below the cut.

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