Henry Appleby for danjaley​‘s Marriage Market Challenge.

The only child of a wealthy doctor, Henry always believed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the family practice when he grew up, but when the time eventually came to choose a career path the quiet young man surprised everyone by opting to attend veterinary school instead. Although hesitant about it, his father agreed to pay for his tuition and boarding expenses, but on one condition- After graduation, Henry must get married and provide the aging gentleman with a suitable heir.

Now that he’s out of school and has several years experience under his belt, Henry has reluctantly agreed to take a break from his beloved practice and travel to Roaring Heights to find a wife. A bit on the shy side, he truly hopes that he can break out of his shell and find someone to love and love him in return, but he remains doubtful. Despite his friendly smile and gentle nature, women seldom seem interested in the awkward, bespectacled animal lover.

Animal Lover | Brave | Friendly | Good | Shy

A Comedy Drama from the 1400′s. 

May contain flashing images - Bettina’s dress was just too revealing, Sorry!

It’s MURDER! At The Medieval Manor…

For those of you who might struggle with the ‘British-ness’ of it all, here - have a Subtitled Version:

Some Credits below the cut.

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boxofsims  asked:

send this to a quality blog. quality doesn’t mean that you have lots of followers or messages. it means that you’re a good person behind a quality blog and you deserve to be happy. if you get this message, someone wants you to know that they love you as you are, and they don’t care about how many followers or messages you have. you should send this to someone other people. you don’t have to but it’s nice to let someone know you love them! ♡♡♡

Thank you, dear and to you as well! ❤🙆😘
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The Lion and the Wolf

Sansa was walking with her golden prince wen they stumbled upon Arya. Dirty as always, her little sister was training sword fighting with that horrible butcher boy. 

Joffrey laughed at them. He taunted the boy who wanted to be a knight, before he asked him for he duel. He cut the boy’s cheek with his sword. 

Arya yelled at the prince but he didn’t stop.  Suddenly the direwolf Nymeria appeared, savaging Joffrey’s sword arm and forcing him to drop his sword. Arya called Nymeria off while Joffrey lied whimpering on the ground.

Hope, I got the Anon right who requested a Sansa/ Joffrey scene from the 1st book. Thanks for asking!!!

And I have to mention @danjaley who created these poses at the moment I needed them What a coincidence! Thank you for your brilliant work!

T : Uhurrrmmm… Okay so, we’re here to accept the Sims No Filter Challenge from @hibiskiss.

Rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture. (Thank you very much for tagging me sweetie!! 😀 Yay!)

N : Yeah! Aand.. now we’re going to erase all make up on our face. So.., just give us a moment..!

……………………………Hausuhuahauusuah…….. (▰˘◡˘▰)

T : Are we really going to show our bare face?

N : Welp..! We don’t really have any other choice on this post aren’t we? This basically why we’re here.. On the count of three…. THREE!

………………………………? …!!

N : Bwahahahaha..!

T : This is not fair!! You’re using Anndolbyskin, which basically full of face make up! Not fair! Not faiiiiir!

……(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ *** Zwappp! *Nathaniel change into another pale skin*

N : Happy now?

T : Whatever… Let’s just continue to the before after pictures!

——  *Why he’s still so good looking???*  ——

T : Omg, what’s with your poses here? So gaayy!~

N : Lol, shut up! Look at your bare eyes here! So slaaayyy~ are you having a toothache?


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——————– Happy Easter everyonee!!  💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤️ ———————–

SOOOOOooooo, I had a go at making the Bowling Lane invisible for Medieval play (Skittles) and this is my first attempt. The meshing options in TSRW and Milkshape are a little baffling to me, with the layers of shadow, and where to put the group verticals once I’ve deleted the main parts of the mesh, etc etc. But I will not GIVE UP!!! :S It’s all a learning curve for sure!

Big thanks to @danjaley for the advise on where to start, really appreciate you taking your time to help ❤️

Also guys, Martin took the bowl/ball out of thin air; should he have taken it from some sort of Medieval wooden stand or do we just use our imaginations?

Thoughts anyone?


My attempt at the moodboard challenge

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I have a similar way of working creatively as @andantezen said in his moodboard post - there’s always The One Story that’s currently on my mind exclusively. So this is a moodboard of the new story I hope to tell on my sideblog if real life develops favourably (I started writing the script :) I’d like to title it “Proserpina” but that’s not certain yet. Also this is the story with Danjaley the flying horse in it after whom I named myself online.

Again I’m so late, I lost track of who was tagged yet. My apologies! If you want to do this, say I tagged you - seriously, do!

(These are private photos taken by me and my family so please don’t reblog this post! The grieving-in-ruins one is staged - nothing actually tragic happened there.)