okay but like. remember when someone took red beanies to a book signing and got dan and phil to wear them and the blurry pictures taken from a distance were everywhere because beanies. remember when dan apologised every time his hair was even the slightest bit curly. remember when he’d insist he looked absolutely terrible when a fan told him otherwise. and now dan just casually did a liveshow in a pastel beanie with his hobbit hair. like it’s not the biggest deal but he just looked really soft and comfortable and happy and it makes me feel all warm inside and i’m just really grateful for dan howell

Friendly reminder that Dan is a person with actual human feelings and trying to pressure him to come out, if he’s actually gay/bi/pan, is just going to make him more afraid to come out.
Ever since this “cheeky new video lol” has started circulating I’ve seen fans literally threaten to hurt/kill Dan if he doesn’t come out in his next video. This is super not OK.
You don’t already “know” he’s gay. You can’t “tell”. Please respect him and allow him to come out (or not) on his own terms.