Can we just take a minute to really appreciate how brave Dan was? Opening up to people you’re close to about your mental health can be terrifying and he just put a video out there knowing millions of people will see it. He could have been vague but he really went into detail about his personal experiences which could help a lot of his audience particularly young people who don’t fully understand what they’re going through. To know that even someone who is successful and has millions of fans is experiencing the same horrible thing as you is a real reminder mental health can affect anyone. When Dan talked about making a video on mental health I never expected he would be this raw or go into such personal detail and I think he should really be applauded for doing so as it’s such a difficult issue to talk about.

What we learned

  • Neither of them can speak or read
  • Every time Dan has an eyelash fall, Phil gets it and tells him to make a wish
  • Whenever one of them trips over their words the other makes fun of them
  • Phil frequently speaks without thinking
  • Phil basically just cares for Dan whenever Dan needs anything
  • Phil thinks he can ward away sneeze germs with his hands
  • They both fix their hair incessantly
  • Phil’s voice is substantially deeper when he’s just talking to Dan and not to the camera
  • Phil wears shorts when they film

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Dan openly talking about his use of psychiatric medications for his depression his so important and I don’t think enough people are paying attention to it. Taking medication is something that’s necessary for a lot of people like me with mental illness. It’s so important to me that Dan is openly talking about using them and working to break the stigma against them. Psychiatric medications are necessary to keeping chemical balances in many people with depression and that is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m so grateful that Dan decided to be open and talk about them