Danielle Bradbery


Country Weekly Magazine did a Segment on Female Country Artists. This is the year they take back Country Music! A lot of labels aren’t signing as many female artists and a lot of radio stations aren’t playing their music because right now males dominate the waves. In order to take back the genre, we need some of Country Music’s biggest female names to help out the others! Together we can accomplish anything!! 

I got to be face to face with Taylor. She knew I was on a radio tour at the time, and still am, but she goes, ‘I knew how that was and I started young like you, and the more it goes on, the more you’re gonna see you’re gonna have so much fun with everything.’ She was just [saying] ‘Don’t give up, it’s gonna get more and more fun.’ It was really awesome getting to hear that from her.
—  Danielle Bradbery talking about Taylor (x)

Ya know what? It’s starting to bug me how Hunter never wins anything because people don’t think he’s as good as everyone else because he doesn’t sing about trucks or beer. He writes songs with meaning and a story and isn’t that what country music is? Drinking songs are getting old anyway, yall could take lessons from Hunter Hayes, Dan + Shay and Danielle Bradbery.



Blair Redford - Charisma Carpenter - 1970 * Daniel Radcliffe - 1989 * Danielle Bradbery - 1996 * Marlon Wayans - 1972 * Paul Wesley - 1982 * Philip Seymour Hoffman - 1967-2014 * Slash - 1965 * Tom Mison - 1982 * Woody Harrelson - 1961