Honey [2003]

I found something that I truly love, that truly makes me happy. That’s a million times better than something that makes you rich.

Plot: Honey is a 22 year old hip hop dancer and teacher living in New York, trying to make her way to the top. While dancing at the club where she works, a famous video director’s assistant catches her on tape. She is cast in her first music video, and from there starts to choreograph. However, when she says no to her boss’s advances, he fires her and ruins any possible future in dancing for her. Honey no longer has the money to buy a studio for the kids she teaches dance for so she and her students form a dance benefit.

Director: Bille Woodruff

Actors: Jessica Alba (Honey Daniels), Mekhi Phifer (Chaz), Romeo Miller (Benny)

Writers: Alonzo Brown & Kim Watson

If Lost, Return to Phil - Part 3

If Lost, Return to Phil (Part 3) by thatsmistertoyou

Pairing: Phan (danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil)

Genre: AU. Angst but increasingly less so.

Warnings: none

Words: 4850

Summary: [SPOILERS so read parts 1 and 2 first. okay you’ve been warned.] Dan grabs his new life by the titballs.

A/N: That exact phrasing of the summary was entirely necessary and you can’t convince me otherwise. As usual Sam is fabulous and I owe her everything.

Dan didn’t know how long he sat there. Could’ve been another seven fucking years for all he knew. He couldn’t think clearly enough to even analyze it logically and try to figure out what could have made him fuck up that badly. He just felt hollow. A strange, empty burning in his chest that he couldn’t fill.

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8. Staten Isle vs. Satan Bile

In one corner we have a cocky Staten Island white guy… in the other corner stands a Latino bisexual Wiccan.


Am I the only one who genuinely didn’t understand this tense dynamic? Either we missed out on some key footage that would explain their beef or this Danny vs. Romeo feud is as stupid as Jamie Rae.

Yeah, Danny is acting a little too confident, especially after getting rejected by Tyra just a year ago, but at least he’s not one of the guys who keeps dropping the term “alpha male.” If Danny were to start embarrassingly “rapping” (if you can even call it that) again like last cycle, then by all means, Romeo should put him in his place. Instead, the worst we saw was that Danny didn’t want to have his tarot cards read, and surely Danny isn’t the first person to not respond kindly to Romeo’s beliefs in the occult. If Romeo really does have a slice of the proverbial “humble pie,” he might want to offer it up to Tyra before Danny. (That is not a fat joke, it is a joke about Tyra’s ego. And a little bit of a fat joke.) 

Romeo may think that Danny is “arrogant and bigheaded and douchey,” but at least he’s found a friend in Kelly Cutrone. After telling us last year that she’s a goth (ha!), now Kelly’s trying to pass off  her black garb as being Wiccan. She clarifies that she’s too lazy to actually practice any Wiccan rituals, but she “could be” if she wanted to. You don’t have to tell us twice, Kelly. No one here is going to deny that you’re a witch. 

Meanwhile, Romeo says he hopes to become “America’s Next Top Witch.” He’s well on his way with all of the badmouthing he’s doing about Danny. But then, if he is a witch, why is he wasting so much time bitching and rolling his eyes behind Danny’s back when he could just CAST A FUCKING SPELL? Somebody get Romeo a cauldron and we’ll put an end to this pettiness once and for all.

So who will win this lame feud?… Eh, who cares. Tyra already said Danny was lacking energy and “holding back"  which is pretty much the kiss of death from a woman who cherishes personality above all else. Romeo might as well save his toad eyes and possum tails for the next person he gets in a pointless fight with. 

(PS I learned how to make GIFs. You’re welcome.)

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