Did anyone else notice that Daniel Bryan contradicted himself? He said he’d follow the rule book and not let his emotions get involved…THE EXACT OPPOSITE HAPPENED. He said the rule book stated that there were no rules and that whomever had the case would be the winner, but it wasn’t until James Ellsworth insulted his daughter (which is not right by any extent), that Daniel let his emotions get involved, threatened a talent, and did the exact opposite of what the rule book said and stripped Carmella of the case for no justifiable reason other than James getting him pissed off. I am super excited that the women get to make history again and hopefully Carmella wins it this time without Ellsworth, but I just found it interesting that Daniel did the opposite of everything he said he would do. Maybe that gets taken into account by Carmella to Shane McMahon by saying “He said he’d follow the rules and not let his emotions get involved and that’s exactly what he did by stripping me of the case and threatening Ellsworth.” I’m not sure, but it made it super entertaining yet confusing.


Bryan Danielson (WWE’s Daniel Bryan) Talks about his Ass - Absolute Intense Wrestling.

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