Last night, Holla and I were fortunate enough to catch Grizzly Bear at the House of Blues in Orlando. Im a little too old for middle of the work week road trips, but GB is a band that is absolutely worth the extraneous efforts. They were phenomenal.

A promise was also made by frontman Ed Droste to return to Florida again soon. Perhaps they could find their way to the stage at a festival in Tampa come early March. **Cough, @gasparillamusic, cough**

-Idiot, drinking Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot

Department Of Eagles

Department of Eagles - Flip (Archive 2003-2006)

This album, a selection of unreleased material from, you guessed it, 2003-2006, is an incredible exploration into the creative process of Daniel Rossen. Echoes of the Cold Nose and hints towards In Ear Park, Archive 2003-2006 is electronic, punk, folk, an all around good time. 


Grizzly Bear break down Neighbors


Daniel Rossen performing “Easier (Alternate Version)” live at the Union Chapel in London: August 26, 2014


I’ve heard the waterfall roaring again
Since I’ve been lovin’ you