Myth Makers # 12 and Myth Makers Essentials are two out of print fanzines from the early 2000s chock full of Doctor Who and Faction Paradox-related fiction from free lancers and commissioned BBC book authors. Some might recognize Myth Makers as the publisher of Myth Makers 13: From Gallifrey With Love, which published Lance Parkin’s unused The Book of the War entry.

Of interest to the EDA/Faction Paradox audience, Myth Makers # 12 includes: 

  • A prelude and postscript to Mags L. Halliday’s intricate History 101
  • Alan Taylor’s “The Interior,” set during Compassion’s transformation arc. 
  • Lance Parkin’s “The School of Doom,” a comedy tale set during Father Time, with the Master paying a visit to Miranda’s school. 
  • A deleted sequence from Jonathan Morris’ Anachrophobia 

Myth Makers Essentials includes: 

Mags L. Halliday’s “The Silk Road,” a story of the First Doctor. 

Daniel O’Mahony’s Sabbath tale “A Rag and a Bone.” 

Jonathan Blum’s postlude to he and Kate Orman’s exquisite Fallen Gods.

I have contacted both Daniel O’Mahony and Lance Parkin for any information or copies of their submissions. O’Mahony could not find his, and Parkin has yet to return to me. I have been hunting leads and contacts that might, potentially, have copies. Please, spread the word, aid the hunt, and let me know any information! We found Saldaamir… let’s find these!