A message concerning the allegations against Daniel from Owl City and Carinthia.

These are serious allegations and they might be true if prove but what Hoot Owls need to know is that it isn’t right to assume that any other OC tour band member is associated with this. They probably never knew about this until the allegations were made.
Daniel is wrong only if proven guilty and relientkara.tumblr.com and others who have been through this have my support. Please do not form a bad impression about Adam and everybody else!!!

I wore this hat to the Owl City concert in Seattle last July (at the Triple Door Theater). Afterwards, Breanne Düran signed my copy of Maybe I’m Dreaming and I chatted it up with Jasper Nephew (for some reason, I get him and Daniel confused). I mentioned that I was going to be in Germany when they do their world tour and that I might go the concert in Hamburg.

Well, since I am going to the concert in Hamburg, I’m gonna wear this again, to see if he remembers me. It’s a long shot, but then again, he actually thought I was a guy who went to a concert in San Francisco, so who knows?