Bobby Gladden and Alyssa Bustamante.

Both teenage perpetrators, Bobby injuring Daniel Borowy with a gun and Alyssa murdering Elizabeth Olten by strangling and stabbing her. 

Whenever i mention these two’s visual similarities, it’s either ‘who’s Bobby?’ or ‘who’s Alyssa’. Thought I would post this just for kicks. I would have posted more pictures but there’s not many of Bobby.

Shown above is a picture of school shooter Bobby Gladden being interrogated. On August 27, 2012, Bobby entered Perry Hall High School in Maryland and attended his first two classes. During his break time, Bobby proceeded to reassemble and load a 12 gauge shotgun that he had hidden in his backpack, and entered the cafeteria with it concealed under his clothes, pulling it out and firing. Gladden’s bullets struck and critically injured special needs student Daniel Borowy before he was subdued by faculty members, leaving time for the rest of the students to evacuate to a nearby middle school and shopping center. A look at Gladden’s Facebook page revealed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as his inspirations, and “Charles Manson, Coming Down Fast” as one of his favorite books. Investigators also stumbled upon a post written a few hours before the shooting stating “first day of school, last day of my life. t(~_~t), fuck the world.” Once apprehended, Gladden began making jokes about how he wished he had participated in the Sandy Hook shooting and about how Borowy had deserved to die. Bobby was also put on suicide watch due to a history of self harm and suicidal ideations on his part, and was soon transferred to a mental treatment facility where he would reportedly laugh while talking about guns and would abuse others. A deeper look into his life prior to the shooting revealed that he was prone to abusing his parents and bullying others, even sending death threats on Facebook to someone who had come out as transsexual. Investigators argued that a possible motive for the shooting was that Bobby wanted to commit suicide by cop after. Gladden was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison.


Bobby Gladden during his attack in the Perry Hall High School cafeteria on August 27, 2012.
Gladden shot twice in the cafeteria. His first shot hit 17 year old Daniel Borowy in the back, critically wounding him. Gladden’s second shot hit the ceiling as he was being subdued by Jesse Wasmer, a guidance counsellor. Gladden’s exact plan for the shooting is unknown but it clearly did not go how he intended it to.
In February, 2013, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.