During the time of Lent, I did something different by writing a personal letter to every family affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. I never expected a response back, but today I got one from the family of Daniel Barden. I read up on every single victim to get to know what they were like. I remember reading about him that he was an incredibly happy child. I have rarely been moved to years in my life, but this small note hit it home. Rest in Peace, Daniel.

I know over the past month my Tumblr has featured a lot about the Sandy Hook shooting and in response, gun control. I apologize if not all these views are in agreement with your own, but the shooting at Newton has had a deep impact on my family. It has taught us to be grateful for how close knit and supportive our family is, work to make ourselves better, and been a terrible reminder that those horror stories you see in the media aren’t just stories, but could impact you.

Today my cousin and her husband wrote an article for the Washington Post about Daniel and how something has to be done. I’m posting it here in honor of him, and for them. I myself have been really upset about this, and I never got the chance to know him personally. My sadness over his death doesn’t even come close to what his family must be feeling, and I can’t even compare it to mine. Instead I’d just like you to consider this policy through their eyes- think of it not as a political issue, but rather as a personal one as it has become for my family. The shootings like what happened in Newton can’t be allowed to continue. I don’t know what exactly has to be done- but something has to be done.