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Don’t you dare tell me this boy is happy being in a relationship with some girl. The boy look down right fucking depressed. If you honestly believe a story where a boy dated some girl for 4 years and suddenly broke up with to just knocked up some other girl a month later and left her to date other chick and then go back to first one he dated for 4 years. I honestly don’t know what sick fuck up world you live in but that would never happen with Louis Tomlinson unless it had to dealt with some sick and disgusting management. All I ever seen is Louis lose himself through out the years. What happen to the bubbly and flamboyant boy we used to know. It rare when you see Louis have a genuine smile on his face. I just can’t believe some people can be so fucking blinded and believed in such bullshit. Don’t believe everything you read in articles because more than likely, it all a fucking lie. All this band has ever did was lied to us. Listen to celebrities, they’ll tell you that the industry is controlling and make you be this certain image for public. It all about the fucking money. It always been and always will be. Hopefully now, you seen the truth and finally got your head out of your ass. As I also want to mention when Louis is drunk, he tends to be more on the happy side.

i’m not a graphic designer by any means, but since it’s International Women’s Day i wanted to do something to shout out the three gorgeous women in louis’ life that get attacked by the fandom purely because they exist. they’re all three beautiful, both inside and out, and each is amazing at what they do. 

briana is a wonderful mom to freddie and raising a happy baby boy, eleanor is so fashionable and doing her own blog and traveling the world with her best friend, and danielle is an outstanding actress. it’s easy to see what drew louis to all three of them. 

all three of them have handled the hate they got gracefully and rose above it and they all continue to shine. 

When i saw harry singing to louis live on TV i was like “WHAT/HOW/WHY” .. but now i understand why harry move his whole body looking to louis “Don’t Let Me Go"😩 cuz they know how hard the💩 they ll going through starting from december … “gif not mine”


Harry, Louis, Freddie, Danielle, Briana, Kendall, the yacht, everything...

I mean, sure, there’s always the possibility it’s not real and all of this is an illusion. Just as there’s a possibility it’s been real all along. 

Even if it’s not real right now /anymore/, let’s get some fact straight. I mean, let’s pretend all of this is real:

  • Louis briefly dated/messed around with Briana
  • Louis forgot of the existence of condoms just as Briana didn’t have a clue about birth control
  • Briana got pregnant
  • The fact that Briana got pregnant came out in July 2015 out of nowhere, claiming that Louis is the father
  • Louis confirmed that he was going to be a father in the beginning of August 2015
  • Briana appeared at some of the OTRA shows
  • People stopped talking about the babygate for a while
  • Pictures of Briana with a baby bump appeared around Christmas time 2015
  • Then there were pics of Briana during Christmas Eve, in which it looked like there’s no bump (I’m aware it could be the clothes, angle or whatsoever)
  • On January 21 (California time), Briana gave birth
  • On January 22 (California time), Louis tweeted his baby son was born the day before
  • On January 27 (California time), Louis posted a pic of him and his son announcing the name of the little boy is Freddie Tommo
  • Briana posted a picture of her and her son on Instagram, saying the name of the baby is Freddie Reign, also on January 27 (Cali time)
  • So the name of the baby is Freddie Reign Tomlinson
  • Pictures of Louis and Briana with an infant carrier
  • Louis’ best friend Oli was also present
  • Pics of Louis coming to visit Birana in her house
  • Also, Louis’ mom has included Freddie in her bio on Twitter and Instagram
  • Apparently, Briana went to her family home because she doesn’t feel comfortable in the house Louis rented for her and Freddie
  • Apparently, she wants to sue Louis (for what???!)

  • At the same time, Louis is dating Danielle Campbell, an actress who’s currently on The Originals, a spin-off to The Vampire Diaries which is currently sort of dying (she’s also the girl form the Disney film Starstruck)
  • Louis and Danielle had been following each other on Instagram for a few months
  • They went for an ice cream in the beginning of December, that’s the first time they appeared together publicaly
  • After the first two photos of them together, most people were assuming they’re actually just friends (one of the factors could be the fact that Danielle kinda looks like a mixture of Eleanor and Louis’ sister Fizzy - that has nothing to do with anything I’m talking about right now, but I’ll just leave it here)
  • Snapchats of Lounielle began to appear on the internet
  • Danielle posted a snap of a brunette boy playing FIFA (most likely Louis) and Louis’ friends Oli and Calvin apparently were there too
  • Louis was in Chicago with Danielle (she lives there)
  • They were walking Danielle’s dogs and holding hands
  • Danielle, Louis and Danielle’s brother sent a snapchat singing Happy birthday to Danielle’s cousin (snap appears of nowhere)
  • Louis and Danielle went for a frozen yoghurt
  • There were hugging in the queue
  • They were holding hands later that day
  • They also had dinner together that evening
  • Louis went to a bar the day after with Danielle and her friends
  • Louis got “28″ tattooed on his fingers
  • He also got a tattoo on his butt
  • Danielle’s brother got a penguin tattooed on his butt
  • Danielle’s brother posted a snap of Louis getting his bum tattooed captioned “twinning”
  • They went out to walk Danielle’s dogs again
  • Louis flew back home for his birthday and Christmas
  • Danielle was also home for Christmas
  • Danielle flew to London after Christmas
  • Louis had hosted a New Year’s Eve party in London, Danielle was there
  • Louis, Stan, and Oli, Danielle and Danielle’s friends went clubbing the day before NYE
  • They went on a skiing trip to the Frech Alps in the beginning of January 2016 (Louis, Danielle, Oli, Preston [security] and maybe some other people)
  • Louis sent Danielle’s dog home in a private jet
  • They were hugging and ‘kissing’ while in the queue in Alps
  • They went snowmobiling
  • Louis was in London after that, but just for a day or so
  • Louis Danielle and Oli went to Atlanta, where Daielle films The Originals
  • Oli is still around…
  • Louis, Oli and Danielle went to LA
  • Lounielle were holding hands in Malibu, Oli was with them (not holding hands though)
  • Louis, Danielle and Oli went grocery shopping
  • The Mirror addressed Oli as their driver
  • Danielle flew back to Atlanta to film
  • Louis’ mom liked two of Danielle’s pictures on Instagram
  • Danielle posted a #tb picture of Oli skiing on Instagram
  • Freddie was born
  • Louis is in LA on Danielle’s birthday and Danielle has “It’s a boy” balloons on her birthday party
  • There was a guy with the same denim jacket (as Louis was wearing when he was with Danielle on her bday) in a picture from Harry’s birthday party, the guy also happened to have the same hair as louis and the same body and everything

  • Shortly before New Year’s eve, Harry got on a yacht near and island in Carribean called St. Barts
  • Kendall Jenner got there too
  • Kendall and Harry were rumoured to date few years back
  • There are rumours about Kendall being gay
  • They were cuddling on the yach
  • Harry’s mom was also on the yacht
  • J. Azoff (who’s company Harry’s rumoured to be signed to now) appears on the yacht
  • Then suddenly, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia appears on the yacht (since when are Harry and Ellen friends?????)
  • Everything is very random, puzzled and confusing

  1. Why would Danielle’s friends leak her private snapchats?

  2. Why is Oli around all the time?

  3. According Louis’ sister Phoebe’s Instagram, Louis family met with Briana like a week before Freddie was born in New York.

  4. When we all thought Hendall was buried, Kendall’s apparently gay and she’s making out on a yacht with Harry Styles just a minute after the rumours take off.

  5. No Hendall after the yacht.

  6. I don’t wanna hear the world yacht ever again.

  7. St. Barts is known as a gay paradise.

  8. As much as I love The Originals, the show is dying.

  9. Some sources say it was Louis idea for Harry to tweet “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22″ on his birthday.

  10. There is a really big chance Louis was at Harry’s birthday party.

  11. Yesterday (February 2nd 2016), Harry was at Yves Saint Laurent at the same time Louis was in Subway. It’s just 8 minutes far from each other.

  12. Also, DON’T FORGET ABOUT R.B.B. AND S.B.B! There’s a rainbow bear who magically appears in a gay bar in a gay village where Louis was, celebrates 22nd birthday, has the same hand writing as harry and the same laptop wallpaper as Louis (which btw happens to be green and blue). 

  13. R.B.B. is love, R.B.B. is life.


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