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CBR’s art challenge, The Line It is Drawn, takes modern age heroes into the Golden age comic era this week. My favs are above, but you can check out more impressive translations HERE.

Batman Beyond by Daniel Dahl / Tumblr

Tank Girl by Philip Horton

Spawn by Mathieu Parent

Ms. Marvel by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Hellboy by Gene Guilmette / Tumblr

Apollo & Midnighter by Brendan Tobin

Scott Pilgrim by Rachel Ordway / Tumblr

Invincible & Atom Eve by David Jacob Duke

Lobo by Sean McFarland


Daniel Radcliffe closes his speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony by paying tribute to his parents  (x)

I sort of thought it would be a little emotional but it was unexpected, it caught me off guard that I might have to concentrate on not crying because there are a lot of cameras here.

When I got out here and I saw my mum and dad - I haven’t seen them since landing - and I was just like ‘OH GOD, OH GOD, this is gonna be rough if I keep looking at you’ so I had to kind of detach myself from looking at them for most of it. But I’m just incredibly thrilled that they’re here and were able to come and I did win the lottery when I got them as parents.

Right before the ceremony:

Please, help Daniel pay for his Nursing degree in Rwanda!


Daniel Niyonshuti is a wonderful person who is struggling to pay for his Nursing degree at the University of Rwanda. Daniel lost his parents in the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and spent his entire childhood on the streets, sleeping under bridges, begging and feeding on scraps he found in the trash. Aid workers helped him start school and since then he has worked very hard on getting his education and pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor through his dedicated work and strong faith in God.

Daniel was accepted into the University of Rwanda’s Nursing program and thanks to generous donations, was able to pay for his registration fees and first semester tuition and start his first semester there. He has never been more excited to be in school and study to be a doctor. However, he is due to pay the second installment of his tuition soon and he is finding himself short of about $280 (200,000 Rwandan francs) to cover the installment and room and board. Please, donate to his fundraising campaign (run under my name because gofundme requires the funds to go to an American account - i send them to him via WesternUnion after) here:


The goal is set at $3,100 in order to help him cover his expenses for all three eyars of his program (estimated to be 600,000 francs tuition + varying sums for room and board and other expenses).

On the fundraising page is Daniel’s recount of his struggle to get to where he is. The page also has a video of him, to further prove the legitimacy of the campaign. Here is a picture of Daniel’s acceptance letter and some pictures of him in university:

Daniel’s schedule (he sometimes doesn’t take very good pictures)

Please donate to the campaign and share it - every dollar helps! Please, keep reblogging this post!


1000+ words of parent!phan headcanon:

because parent!phan makes me so weak !

- phil brings up kids over dinner one night, startling dan so much that he chokes on his wine for a few seconds. it’s surprising; between the two of them, dan’s usually the one to discuss domesticities like that. “kids? are you sure?” phil’s smile is hesitant, but there’s an excitement in his eyes that’s contagious. “yeah, i think i am. a little dan junior running around might be fun.”  dan rolls his eyes even as happiness surges through his heart. “ok , first of all, we are not calling him that.” the next morning, phil wakes up to a surrogate agency flyer taped to the coffee pot, with an appointment date scrawled on the bottom in dan’s messy script.

-once they decide on a surrogate, dan insists that phil be the one to send in his DNA. he claims it’s because he doesn’t want their child to have his proneness to existential crises, but it’s really because the cerulean shade of phil’s eyes is a genetic miracle that must be continued.

- they spitball baby names to each other on a constant basis, going so far as to attach a dry erase board on the refrigerator to keep track of all their options. “winston” tops the list, courtesy of phil. there’s also “delia”, “elizabeth", “christopher", and many more, gathered from childhood memories or favorite books and movies or even heard in passing as they walked through town. “child susan” is crossed out several times, as is “phan”. dan takes baby names very seriously, thank you very much.

-phil’s room gets remodeled into a nursery, filled with toys and clothes that arrive in boxes under dan’s name. he makes sure to order from both the “girls” and “boys” section from harrod’s - there’s no way in hell he’s going to let gender roles affect his kid.

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