Daniel Fernández


Pepper Breath! is a Digimon fan zine featuring over 60 pages of comics and illustration spanning all generations of Digimon and their DigiDestined.

Contributing Artists:
A.T. Pratt | Alexxander Dovelin | Alyssa Winans | Andy Bennett | Angela ShamAngelica Alzona | April Choi | Ashley Mackenzie | Coleman Engle | Daniel Guerrero Fernández | Dashiell Silva | Emily Paige Smith | Francine B | Goñi Montes | Jake Lawrence | Jane Bak | Jenn Liv | Jenni T Bach | Jenny Zych |Jonathan Bell Wolfe | Kelly Smith | Kelsey Borch | Kevin Jay Stanton | Kevin VQ Dam | Laura Knetzger | Lauren Henderson | Michael Hoeweler | MILKBBI | Myken Bomberger | Natalie Andrewson | Nick Iluzada | Odera Igbokwe | Pamela Zhang | Paul Reinwand | Queenie Chan | Rachael Hunt | Rebecca Mock | Rebekka Dunlap | Ricardo Bessa | Ricardo Lopez Ortiz | Sander B | Thomas Eccles | Topher MacDonald | Vaughn Pinpin | Vivian Ng

Edited by Angelica Alzona and Odera Igbokwe
Book Design by Bryce Gold and Angelica Alzona
Cover Illustration by Kelsey Borch

68 pages, full-color, 6.75" x 8.25", perfect bound

Published by Pyrite Press

ISS Terminator Moon 

This image shows the International Space Station (ISS) alongside our Moon. The long shadows close to the Moon’s terminator highlight its geological formations. At the top of the image are the Montes Apenninus, where some peaks reach over 5000m (16,400 feet). At the bottom is another curious formation: the Rupes Recta, a long fracture line, which is enhanced by the oblique illumination from the Sun. Also known as Thebit and Huygens’s Ancient Sword, its straightness makes it seem like a distant railway line. 

Credit: Daniel Fernández Caxete