You are a Masterpiece

When one door closes, another one opens. Be faithful, be hopeful. Don’t ever let someone take your kindness for weakness and know your worth because no human on this face of earth is capable of calculating that but yourself. No one can hold anything above you, against you or in front of you to make you believe that you NEED them for the present or the future. God always has a plan. My task is to keep my head up from this day on - a promise and realization it took so long for me to come to because maybe I needed to know what rock bottom was, maybe I needed to loose all sense of confidence in my environment and continuously battle what is good and bad “advice” and question motives. I’m promising myself I deserve better, much better in all aspects of my life. I share this with you all because I hope that one day very soon you all see and feel the same way too. There are no mistakes, YOU are not a mistake. There are only lessons. You are a masterpiece in this life, so hang high because like art you’ll never expire but become more valuable with time.

With Love,

Bad Boy Fantasy

By Danica Samuel 

This Bad Boy is the type to break the law, make their money secretly, take care of you and of course deep sensational sex. He’s confident, and strong minded. He doesn’t ask to take you out or spoil you… he TELLS you. “We’re going out to eat, get ready”. You can’t argue, or say “no”, because in his presence you melt like butter. At the same time he contains a gentle side, the kind that will bring you flowers, just because it’s Tuesday.

A Bad Boy that’s good to you. He works with his hands, he rarely has a shirt on, but it’s worth it because his body is to die for - the type of body, you get lost in. When it’s time to dress up, he cleans up nice. You find yourself double looking at him across the room, only to realize… that’s your man. Whether scruffy or sharp he continues to steal your heart.

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