I’d like to mention that Danny Fenton has literally got to be trans?

Because Danielle is a clone of him and basically like a younger him, right? Can you start HRT at 12 because I really think Danielle looks like pre-HRT Danny

Oh sorry plus you can’t actually accidentally make a clone a different sex? Like you can do it deliberately but not accidentally? So it makes more sense for Danielle to look like Danny did at 12 minus HRT

Or even if he’s not taking HRT he could be on puberty blockers/wear a binder

also I know we saw Danny without a shirt but that was in his ghost form and it’d make sense for his ghost form to match his true self

So in conclusion Danny Fenton is a trans boy

Uh, so I guess I have WAY MORE FOLLOWERS NOW…

Hello new followers! I’m glad you like my dumb doodles! 

So here’s a bunch of Cartoon Heroines with Distaff Counterparts.

Not much of a theme going here, but hey, what can you do. I’ll post the boy version eventually but I’m kinda happy with how this one came out. 

Blossom from Powerpuff Girls, Fionna from Adventure Time and Dani Phantom from Danny Phantom. What what.