Over one million views on our theme song for the new Sonic The Hedgehog villain, Infinite! Sonic Forces is out this holiday season.

Musicians who made songs for Sonic games and deserve more recognition:

1) All Ends
Songs to check out: Wasting Life , Apologize (cover)

2) Zebrahead
Songs to check out: Hell Yeah, Save Your Breath

3) Bentley Jones
Songs to check out: U Won’t 4get Me, Dirty Little SecretSanctuary (cover)

4) Magna-Fi
Songs to check out: Who I Am (unused Shadow the Hedgehog track), Drown

5) Sins of a Divine Mother
Songs to check out: Broken (unused Shadow the Hedgehog track), All of Me

6) Dangerkids
Songs to check out: Countdown, Summoner’s Rift

7) Cash Cash
Songs to check out: HeroThe Gun

8) Runblebee
Songs to check out: Neon Days

9) Cashell
Songs to check out: Keep the Course

10) Mona Lisa Overdrive
Songs to check out: Living Without You


Hello there so my tumblr feed is really lame and im not seeing what i want too. I wanted to follow more blogs that post/reblog things about bands and music i like. 

so like or reblog this if you like any of the bands listed below and i might follow you. please help me out? (:

*As It Is

*Set It Off

*The Amity Affliction

*Never Shout Never

*The Wonder Years

*All Time Low

*I Prevail 


*Asking Alexandria

*Neck Deep

*August Burns Red


*Sleeping With Sirens

*Pierce The Veil

*We Came As Romans

*Breaking Benjamin

*Bring Me The Horizon

*Chunk! No Captian Chunk


*Oceans Ate Alaska

*Crown The Empire

*Of Mice & Men


*A Day To Remember


*Fall Out Boy


*Linkin Park 

*Man Overboard

*Our Last Night

*New Years Day



*Tonight Alive

*Real Friends

*The Story So Far




*State Champs

*Three Days Grace


etc….. any like punk/metal/ those kinds of bands please im not good at just searching for blogs like that so help me out? (: maybe we can become friends bc i need music buddies ):

Girls in bands

In no particular order:

  1. Paramore - Hayley Williams (Vocals/Keys)
  2. Tonight Alive - Jenna McDougall (Vocals)
  3. Pvris - Lynn Gunn (Vocals/Guitar)
  4. No Doubt - Gwen Stafani (Vocals)
  5. Garbage - Shirley Manson (Vocals)
  6. Evanescence - Amy Lee (Vocals/Piano)
  7. We Are The In Crowd - Taylor Jardine (Vocals)
  8. Maid Of Ace - (All-Girl Rock band)
  9. Sick Of Sarah - (All-Girl Rock band)
  10. Dead Sara- Emily Armstrong (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Siouxsie Medley (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
  11. Florence + The Machine - Florence Welch (Vocals)
  12. Halestorm - Lzzy Hale (Vocals/Guitar)
  13. Dangerkids -  Katie Cole (Drums)
  14. The Summer Set - Jess Bowen (Drums)
  15. Jule Vera -  Ansley Newman (Vocals)
  16. Flyleaf - Lacey Sturm (Vocals 2002-2012) Kristen May (Vocals)
  17. Misterwives - Mandy Lee (Vocals)
  18. Neon Trees -  Elaine Bradley (Drums)
  19. Against Me! - Laura Jane Grace (Vocals/Guitar)
  20. Brain’s All Gone - (All-Girl Rock band)
  21. Blondie - Debbie Harry (Vocals)
  22. Echosmith - Sydney Sierota (Vocals)
  23. Fitz & The Tantrums -  Noelle Scaggs (Vocals)
  24. Gossip - Beth Ditto (Vocals)
  25. In This Moment - Maria Brink (Vocals)
  26. New Years Day -  Ashley Costello (Vocals)
  27. Kitten - Chloe Chaidez (Vocals)
  28. Marmozets - Becca Macintyre (Vocals)
  29. Metric - Emily Haines (Vocals)
  30. Mindless Self Indulgence - Lyn-z (Bass) Kitty (Drums)
  31. The Pretty Reckless - Taylor Momsen (Vocals)
  32. Screaming Females - Marissa Paternoster (Vocals/Guitar)
  33. Silversun Pickups -  Nikki Monninger (Bass)
  34. Warpaint - (All-Girl Rock band)
  35. Hole - Courtney Love (Vocals/Guitar)
  36. Chvrches -  Lauren Mayberry (Vocals)
  37. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Karen O (Vocals/Keys)
  38. BONES - Rosie Bones & Carmen (Vocals/Guitar)
  39. -HEIRSOUND- -  Alexa San Román (Vocals)
  40. The Distillers - Brody Dalle (Vocals/Guitar)
  41. Conquer Divide - (All-Girl Metal Band)
  42. Eisley -  Sherri (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Chauntelle (Lead Guitar/Vocals)  Stacy (Vocals/Keyboard)  

And shout out to any other female artist/musician I might have not mention for paving the way for younger female musicians!!

Rhyan's Declassified Warped Tour Survival Guide

Hey everyone!
Since Warped started last week, I figured help some of you first-timers and post a little guide so you can prepare. Here are 20 things that I think are important for everyone to know when going to Warped tour that you won’t find anywhere else. Every other guide says the same thing, so here are 20 new, original tips. (For any music festival really.)
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1. Always buy tickets from a trusted source. People get scammed all the time by buying tickets in parking lots and such. Make sure you’re getting authentic tickets by buying from authorized websites such as ticketmaster or visiting the venue box office.

2. The night before, print off a copy of the directions to the venue, ensure that your gps is working properly, or make sure you can get the directions on your phone. One wrong turn on the way to the venue could make you late. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and make sure you know where you’re going.

3. Track the weather starting 3 days before your scheduled event date. Tracking the weather will help you decide if you need a rain poncho or other rain gear - which you may need to go purchase in advance.

4. Warped tour IS NOT A FASHION SHOW. No one there cares about your brand new skinny jeans or Michael Kors purse. Leave the expensive clothes and jewelry at home and dress comfy and for the weather; stick to breathable tank tops and some old shorts. And RUNNING SHOES GODDAMNIT. You’ll be sweaty and dirty so make sure you wear clothes that can get ruined.

5. Bring a small backpack. Stay away from any kind of purse! It will be ridiculous to carry band merch, water, and other items around in a purse. Bringing a backpack is more comfortable and will ensure you have room for extra items.

6. Bring a notepad and pen to write down set times and stages that your favorite bands will be playing on. If you want to be really prepared, make a spreadsheet. Write down all the info you’ll need and leave an empty space beside each band so all you have to do is add in the set time when you get there.

7. Make sure you have enough money. Usually around $100 is good. $100 will get you around 2 shirts, and a couple other small items and will also leave you enough money to buy food throughout the day.

8. Bring a reusable water bottle and take advantage of the free water-refill stations available on site. STAYING HYDRATED is key.

9. If you feel even 1% unwell, immediately find the first aid tent and talk to a medic inside. Catching any signs of heat stroke or other illness early is the difference between sitting in a first aid tent for an hour or leaving Warped early in an ambulance. Also, if you see anyone who looks really unwell ask them if they’re ok, or tell security so that they can get help.

10. KNOW YOUR LIMITS. This applies to a couple different things. Firstly, if you’re old enough to drink, make sure you can keep yourself under control. (If you see someone who appears to be drunk and you think they are a danger to themselves or anyone else, get security RIGHT AWAY.) This also applies to sun exposure and exertion. Take breaks periodically so that you’ll have energy to last all day.

11. Always bring a change of socks. You never know if your feet will get wet or muddy. Fresh socks are always nice to have.

12. Bring a plastic bag. If your clothes get dirty or something, you can put them in the bag so that they don’t ruin the other contents of your backpack. You can also use this to keep dry if it rains!

13. Be open minded. There are over 100 bands to choose from. If you have time, see someone new. You never know, you may become a fan of a band you didn’t even actually come to see.

14. Keep ALL negative opinions to yourself. No one wants to hear how much you hate Motionless in White, or how your favorite band is way better than someone else’s. Truth is, it’s just plain rude and hurtful. Everyone is there because they’ve fallen in love with a band - let them have their moment. Don’t ruin that moment for someone.

15. Check out some non-profits. Ladies PLEASE check out the Keep a Breast tent - the information there could save your life one day. May I also recommend To Write Love on Her Arms and Heart Support for the 2014 year? You may learn something.

16. When moshing, be considerate of others. Take care of each other and watch out for anything that could be dangerous. Also, if people don’t want to be part of the mosh pit, you need to respect that.

17. If you’re waiting in line for a signing or sitting down somewhere, take the opportunity to talk to someone you don’t know. You are there because you love a band and others are there because they love a band. You may leave with some new friends!

18. Respect everyone and everything. Keep littering, vandalism, and destruction of property to a minimum. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but just try your best. It’s also important to respect each other, nice comments only, smiles, and considerate actions. The goal is to make sure everyone is safe while having a good time.

19. Other items you may want to carry in your backpack: hand sanitizer, a bit of toilet paper (hey, you never know if you’ll get stuck in the porta potty with none!), SUNSCREEN, a hat, chapstick, hair ties and hair clips (girls), sharpies, things you want bands to sign for you, sunglasses, cell phone charger.

20. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUN. It’s important to come home and say “wow, that was the best day ever!” So make sure you do everything you can to have the best day possible.

Happy 20th anniversary Warped Tour! See you in the pit.