Editors needed!

Heya! Atsuyo here, and here’s a quick little update. We’re VERY sorry for the lack of content here and YouTube. Our lovely boss Ed has been swamped with work lately and we’ve decided to open up an extra slot in the team as an editor role! Here’s the requirements we’ll need for you to apply;

• Decent editing experience and skill e.g; with comic dubs, and text animation
• Contact via Discord is much more suited
• You must be able to be dedicated and willing to meet deadlines for dubs!
• If possible, link us projects or what kind of editing your capable of, to us when you show interest and or contact us for more info!

=> All other sanitations apply.
Our editors and members are not paid. All editing and dubs are for fun, voluntary purposes and nonprofitable use.

Please contact us if you’re interested!
~ The Voicing DRV3 team


I know i do this a lot, but I’m needing to save up to pay for a portion of a room and a ticket for a con im planning on going to !! I also need to save up for supplies and such for said con. it’s not urgent at the moment, but I need to save up a lot for the costumes i plan on making.



Pixel Art-$5


Full Body-$10

Extra Characters are +$5 for each one!

send me a PM if you’re interested! thank u for ur time!