im not good at making transparents but i Luv them so i tried anyway

this thing is HUGE its 775 x 891 and its super messy and i couldnt edit out the sample text and i bet someone already did this and it looks gr8 but yea

here u go

flying cute boys are transparent feel free to use 

EDIT: the wonderful @mawgito de-SAMPLED this so it looks like. 10,000x better (find it here)

dangan ronpa gets more gay with each installment

dangan ronpa: one slightly homosexual sauna scene

super dangan ronpa 2: a few implied gay/bi characters

dangan ronpa 3: one canon gay character

new dangan ronpa v3: all the official art is gay. all of it.

please click to better see all our new friends…. a part of me wonders why i put myself through drawing 16 ppl in one thing but…… yknow

(current faves are kaede, maki, and gonta! @ me good luck lol)


A version with subtitles