Danese Corey gallery

Six Continents, Dove Bradshaw, 2003

Where there is salt there is the possibility of life. The salt is taken from each of the continents selected for color due to different minerals from each locale: From left, Antarctica, white salt from McMurdo Bay; Africa, gray salt from Egypt; Australia, brown salt from Western Australia; Eurasia, ivory salt from Gwangju, North Korea; North America, green salt from the Dominican Republic and South America, pink salt from Chile.


Simone Bianchi created a series of paintings and sketches for sale through the Danese-Corey Gallery in New York City.

I went to the Danese-Corey Gallery yesterday morning, and I had a great time looking at some GORGEOUS original art work by Simone Bianchi that is for sale.

If you live in the Greater New York City area, and you have the time, I DEFINITELY suggest you go and check out the gallery showing, because it will only be there until the 7th of February, 2015.

the gallery is located at 511 West 22nd Street, in NYC.
(It is between 10th and 11th avenue on 22nd Street).

As for the images I posted, the Wolverine portrait process photos do not do the original work justice, so I again suggest you go and check it out.

additionally, I suggest checking out the gallery’s website -which is at this http://www.danesecorey.com link - to make a note of who else they may be featuring. I spoke for quite a while with Mr. Danese himself, and he’s an enthusiastic fan of artwork in general, so please go!

*If you are not local, and you still want to see the artwork, please support the artist and the gallery by going to this http://www.blurb.com/b/5890143-villains-and-superheroes-works-on-paper-by-simone link, and purchasing the 30-Page softcover book that reprints the portfolio of artwork that Simone specifically created for this gallery showing.*

Roz Chast’s Pysanky

Egg #77, 2010-2013, eggshell, dye, and polyurethane

"Roz Chast does excellent work on paper—and sure enough, her latest memoir, Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, has just won a National Book Critics Circle Award—but I think her real medium is the egg. She’s been doing great things with pysanky  (i.e. Ukrainian painted eggs) for at least a decade. Her latest efforts  will be on display, along with her cartoons and her work in textiles,  at Danese Corey Gallery starting this Friday.”

The Paris Review

NY Times: The Droll Cartoonist With a Grade-A Obsession (November 26, 2004)